Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Soup and Salad!

Here's another round-up of random meals. I love Big Ass Salads, especially when I don't have anything else planned for dinner. Here's one I made recently with homemade sprouted grain croutons, white beans, and vegan shreds, plus lots of veggies of course!

I still have some soup in the deep freezer from our vegan soup swap a few months back. One night last week, I had this Beans & Greens Soup with chunks of potato. I really wanted some good crusty bread for dipping, but all I had were sprouted grain slices. So I toasted a couple slices and topped with hummus. Tasty chardonnay on the side.

I also had some Smoky Tomato Soup (from that same soup swap) in the freezer. Had that with a Grilled Vegan Cheese for a quick dinner on Friday night (while watching the new Hillary doc on Hulu!).

I've finally found a vegan yogurt that I love! Most of them are just too high in sugar and too low in protein, but this Siggi's plant-based yogurt has 10 grams of protein and lower sugar than most. It has that tangy flavor that yogurt should have, rather than a sweet flavor.

I visited my parents in Jonesboro on Saturday night, and since I was doing my long run the next day, I wanted to fuel with something healthy the night before. I'd been wanting to try Twisted Foods, a healthy build-a-bowl place, so we went there! For $5, I got to fill my bowl with whatever I wanted! I went with brown rice, pinto beans, grilled veggies, broccoli, grilled tofu, corn salad, guac, jalapenos, and salsa. Yummy burrito bowl! (Note: The tofu is $2 extra but totally worth it).

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