Monday, March 9, 2020

Imagine Vegan Cafe Cook-off Challenge, Week 1!

Imagine Vegan Cafe in Memphis just launched a Cook-off Challenge, pitting the cafe's cooks against one another in a fun and friendly recipe cook-off. Each week, one of Imagine's cooks will create a special off-menu dish. That dish will be available from Sunday to Saturday, and then the next week, another cook will release a new dish. This will continue until all of the cooks (or at least all who want to participate) have showcased one special dish. The customers get to eat them all and vote on their faves!

Coming from someone who has eaten everything on Imagine's very large menu multiple times, I definitely appreciate some new variety! And this is a fun way to let the cooks' creativity shine! This is the first week, and cook Jaihern is featuring a yummy Falafel & Hummus dish. It's available through Saturday, March 14.

I grabbed a plate as takeout last night and re-plated at home. It includes four perfectly crisp falafel drizzled with Imagine's house-made vegan ranch, fresh hummus, and fried pita chips with a mixed green salad.

Yes, I did say FRIED pita chips! These crispy chips were the highlight of the dish for me. They were delicately seasoned and perfect for soaking up all that yummy hummus flavor.

If you live near Memphis, give Jaihern's dish a try this week! I'll be blogging about the featured dish each week in case you need a reminder!


Hillary said...

Wow, that meal looks amazing! That's how I love to eat, a little of this and a little of that!
Fried pita chips sound incredible!

Susan said...

What a fun idea! I trust you will be eating each one for science and research so we can see them?