Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Tofu Tuesday!

Forget Taco Tuesday! What about Tofu Tuesday?! I'm dedicating this post some recent tofus in my life.

Last Wednesday (I know, should have been Tuesday), a coworker and I met up with our Memphis Grizzlies marketing friends for a work lunch at new Slider Inn location downtown. The Vegan Buffalo Wings, my favorite thing to order at the Midtown location, are on the downtown menu too! I got an order of wings (mix of cauliflower and tofu wings) with vegan ranch, plus a Shack Salad (hold the cheese) with vegan ranch.

Yesterday (Monday), I had a late meeting at Concourse, so I got the Evergreen Sandwich from Curb Market for dinner. This has smoked tofu, avocado, hummus, cucumber, mixed greens, and tomato on fresh-baked Lucy J's Bakery bread. They were offering a special corn salad on the side, so I got that and a green salad (not pictured) from the salad bar.

I've been on a tofu scram kick lately. Had some for breakfast on Friday with toast/marmalade and some more for breakfast today with avo toast.

RP Tracks has Tofu Tuesdays every Tuesday! For real! In addition to all the other awesome vegan options they offer daily, on Tuesdays, they have a special Lemongrass Tofu dish. We went there last Tuesday to celebrate Kristie's (owner of Imagine Vegan Cafe) birthday. I ordered the Lemongrass Tofu (cubes of crispy, seasoned tofu over white rice with a sweet-savory soy sauce).

And of course, we had cake! Kristie's oldest daughter Savannah decorated this Caramel Vanilla Cake. It was soooooo good! Here's the birthday girl with her youngest kid, Aspen. 


Susan said...

Yes! Tofu is LIFE!

Regenbogenwelten said...

Wow, that tofu-scrambled egg looks really delicious and so like the original! I find egg is the most hard foodstuff to substitute.
How do you do the tofu-scram? Do you have a recipe?