Thursday, December 3, 2015

Stuff I Ate

Another round-up of random meals. One day a couple weekends ago, the Memphis Vegan Dine-outs & Potlucks club got together for brunch at Pink Diva Cupcakery. I got the BBQ Tofu Totchos because tater tot nachos and because tofu. These are topped with vegan cheddar sauce, black beans, brown rice, lettuce, tomato, salsa, and jalapenos. Cassi was out of guacamole and onions. :-(

I haven't eaten brunch at Imagine Vegan Cafe in awhile because one of our brunch bunch (Stephanie) has been spending a lot of time with her partner while he's in the hospital for heart issues. But I hope to be back there this weekend! In the meantime, I still got to enjoy Imagine's brunch food because my friend Diane gifted me two full orders of the Vegan Sausages in Blankets that she wasn't able to eat. Score.

Pretty sure I shared a bagel pic in my last Stuff I Ate post, but I'm just really into bagels right now. This one has Kite Hill almond cream cheese mixed with fresh garlic and Yellowbird Serrano sauce. Hemp hearts on top.

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, I tried to eat as many salads as possible. Here's a big ole BBQ Salad with veggies, leftover BBQ sweet potato (from Kathy Hester's The Easy Vegan Cookbook), Follow Your Heart Vegan Ranch, Daiya Vegan Cheese, and J&D's vegan bacon-flavored croutons. Yum!

Cassi may have been out of guac, but I made up for it last weekend at my friend Cindy's birthday dinner at El Patron. It's a not-so-vegan-friendly Tex-Mex place in Bartlett. They do have veggie fajitas, but this meal was post-Thanksgiving, and I didn't want to be too stuffed. So I ordered a couple margaritas and a bowl of Guacamole Mexicana for dinner. That's it. Booze and chips for dinner. 

My friend Autumn had a burlesque show last weekend, and my friend Andy asked me to go with him. He said he'd treat me to sushi afterward because he had a coupon that needed using. So after the show, we went to Sekisui. I started with Miso Soup and a Salad with Ginger Dressing.

Andy's coupon was for entrees only, and the sushi entrees didn't include the vegan rolls. But there was a Teriyaki Vegetables Entree. So I ordered that. This is an awful pic, but this was really, really good. Broccoli, carrots, peppers, and cabbage are sauteed in the most delicious teriyaki sauce, and it's served with sticky white rice. Mmmmm. I brought the leftovers home and added baked tofu for the next day.

Our friend Pam was at the burlesque show too, so she joined us for dinner. She wasn't using the coupon, so she ordered one of the veggie rolls — the Project Green Fork. It's tempura veggies wrapped in soy paper. She wasn't crazy about it, but that's because she's crazy. This sushi is the bomb. I especially love that it's nori-free. I can do nori, but the sea flavor is my least fave thing about sushi. She sent me home without a whole roll of leftovers. I ate this the next day.

The night before Thanksgiving, my mom obviously didn't want to cook. So we grabbed takeout from David Legend Chinese in Jonesboro (where they live and where I went for Thanksgiving). I got the Tofu in Hot Plate. I've no idea what that means, but this was delicious. It was fried tofu in this really flavorful black pepper sauce. The tofu texture was just perfect!

On Thanksgiving morning, I went on a short 2.5-mile run through my parents' neighborhood —the same neighborhood I grew up riding my bike all over. After my run, my mama whipped me up some yummy Oatmeal with Brown Sugar, Walnuts, & Cranberries. She makes the BEST oats.

I've been eating a LOT of Thanksgiving leftovers! But I'll spare you all the pics of my leftovers plates since I already blogged about what I ate for Thanksgiving. But I did try a suggestion from my mama to use up some of the leftovers. I made these Thanksgiving Paninis with leftover Tofurky slices and thin layers of dressing and cranberry sauce. So good!

I had my sandwiches with leftover corn and green beans!

I'm happy (and a little sad) to report that I finally finished off the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers this evening. I hate to see them go, but I think I'm good on dressing and hash brown casserole for a good long while.


Susan said...

More stellar food as always! I have to say I think my favourite thing about seeing everyone's posts about Thanksgiving has been about their leftovers!

Jennifer said...

That food looks pretty good. I love getting mystery chinese food. There was an all vegan chinese restaurant back in the day and they had so many interesting meals, like taro-cashew croquettes (my hubbies favorite) and golden rings. Half the time we ordered and were like "let's hope it's good"

Sarah said...

ooh yum! What yummy looking meals all around! I found the Kite Hill yogurt but couldn't find the cream cheese yet (My WFs carries it but they were out, boo!). Have you tried the yogurt? The flavor is good but it is SO SWEET. I love all of the asian fare, it all looks really delicious and the oats look so good! Oats are pretty much one of my favorite foods :)

Have a great weekend!