Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My December Goddess Box!

It's time to unpack the Goddess Provisions box again! As you might have read here before, I signed up for Goddess Provisions, a mystically themed subscription box curated by the folks who also run Vegan Cuts. It's part beauty box, part magic box. And it's basically the best thing ever. This is the third month it's been available, and I signed up at the very beginning because FOMO!

My December box arrived yesterday, and I think it's the best so far! Each box has five or six full-sized items — crystals, chocolates, teas, essential oils, vegan beauty products, etc. Here's what was in the December box.

There's Four Sigma Foods Mushroom Coffee, Skinchantment Radiance Nectar, Frisky Fish Fresh essential oil blend, a SacredXStones cinnamon-infused lava rock bracelet, and a beautiful piece of labradorite.

My very fave thing in this box is the labradorite. It's a gorgeous teardrop crystal, and it gleams in the sunlight. Labradorite is used to connect with your third eye and crown chakras, and it's believed to help awaken magic and psychic powers. Yes, please.

I had the Mushroom Coffee this morning. It's an instant coffee powder with chaga and cordyceps mushrooms, which are said to support the adrenal glands and the immune system. The flavor is just amazing. I want this to be my new morning joe.

The SacredXStones bracelet complements my cool bodhi bead bracelet that I got in a Vegan Cuts Yoga Box last year! The bracelet — it's the thinner one with the black rocks — is made with cinnamon-infused lava rocks, which help stabilize energy and balance the root chakra. When the cinnamon oil wears off, you can add a new oil and let it diffuse. Thinking I may try patchouli oil next.

I didn't take another picture of the Skinchantment Radiance Nectar, but it's a hydrating face mist that contains cucumber and rose. I love using face mists to set my makeup, so this was much needed. The scent is called Faerie Maiden, and I'm super into faeries, so it's perfect.

Finally, there's this best-smelling-ever Frisky Fish Fresh roll-on essential oil blend. It has lavender and lemon, which I've often used to balance my heart chakra. It smells like a good night's sleep and the morning sun got together. You know, like waking up on a Saturday without an alarm.  Yep, that's what this smells like.

Love that this box covered a bunch of chakras and included beauty stuff, coffee, jewelry, smell-good stuff, and my favorite crystal! If you want to sign up for Goddess Provisions, please use this link. I signed up to be an ambassador, so I make a few cents when folks sign up with my link.

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Sheridan said...

Ummm, this is amazing! I don't know how I missed your earlier posts about this! I totally want a box full of these kind of goodies! So cool!