Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What I Ate for Xmas

Well, Xmas is over. At least for me. We don't do Xmas dinner or anything, so my eating and gifting and unwrapping is all done. But the holiday was great as usual. My parents and friends got me awesome gifts — Vegan Dish dishes, a cookbook holder, a vacuum cleaner, running shorts with "vegan" across the butt(!!!), lots of clothes and jeans from Delia's, a rainbow knife set, a giant rainbow unicorn pendant that would make Flavor Flav proud, vegan soaps, and so much more. Oh, and my parents are getting me new wooden blinds for my house, and my partner Paul gave me a gift certificate for a new tattoo!

But you're here for the food. So I'll show y'all what I've been eating over the past couple of days. Yesterday, before we made the one-hour drive to Jonesboro for Xmas with the parents, I snacked on sweet vegan food gifts that my friend Leslie made me.

She made Indian Burfi (a fudge-like candy with grated carrots) and Masala Chai Melt-a-ways:

And some Orange Cranberry Bread and Pumpkin Flax Bread:

For Xmas Eve dinner, we always go out to eat with my parents in Jonesboro. It's usually Chinese since that's about the only thing open in their town on Xmas Eve. My parents and Paul ate off the buffet, but it didn't look very vegan-friendly. So I ordered Vegetable Fried Rice (which I had been super craving anyway) and stole a veggie Spring Roll and some red sauce off the buffet:

After all that greasy awesomeness, I probably shouldn't have eaten again last night. But my BFF Sheridan (who lives in Little Rock but also goes home to Jonesboro for the holidays) came over to my parents' house with her famous vegan Zucchini Bread:

It's hard to get a great shot of the zucchini bread, but trust me when I tell you that Sheridan's zucchini bread is the most amazing thing ever. It's perfectly moist and nutty. She's been making loaves like this for Xmas for years!

Although my family doesn't do Xmas Day dinner, we do have a decadent holiday breakfast at my Granny's. Granny makes scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits, gravy, and hash browns. And I get vegan versions of everything! Check out my plate:

That scramble, by the way, was wonderful. My mama made it to mimic the scramble that we love to order at Brother Juniper's, a Memphis breakfast joint. The secret is kalamata olives!

Anyway, dinner tonight was leftover Chinese food. And we're about to catch a screening of The Hobbit. Happy Holidays!


Unknown said...

You've got me hungry. Check out my post on ozitwins.blogspot.co.il

dreaminitvegan said...

The fudge and melt-aways sounds very interesting and yummy. Delicious looking treats and food. Nice your granny makes you a vegan version, that's such a gift isn't it? Those running shorts sound adorable! Do you know where they can be bought?

Lana Lake said...

Oh wow that fudge looks so good! I will have to look that up. All the food looks amazing to be fair though :) Happy Holidays!

Allysia said...

One of my presents was a cookbook holder too. :) Sounds like an awesome haul, though I think Paul got you the best gift! :) And you had some wacky Christmas treats, I think I'd go for the orange-cranberry bread. My family is always awesome about veganizing things too, but I've never been made a scramble before - way too cool! And ha ha, Mike and I were going to watch the Hobbit tonight, but then got majorly lazy (yeah I know, it doesn't take much effort to sit at a theatre. Though the movie is 3 hours long). Hope it was an excellent Christmas!

Kylie said...

That is so sweet! I know it probably seems strange, but it brought tears to my eyes that you got vegan versions of breakfast with your family. We are new vegans this year, and my in laws have not been terribly understanding. They're biggest effort to include us in family meals was to buy turkey burgers for us when they were grilling... apparently lean meats are vegan now! :/ Anyway, we're working on it. We have learned to just bring our own food. I love your review of the vegan holiday gift book. I SO wish I had found it this year instead of just finding it today. I may at least be able to plan next year's gifts super early though! ;)

Unknown said...

So sad that 27 animals were killed during filming of the Hobbit.