Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mike's Baby Daddy Shower

I really hate to burden y'all with more baby shower pictures, but if I have to go to these things, I'm taking you all with me for moral support. At least my preggo friends always have delicious vegan food at their baby parties.

Today, my friend Mike, the daddy of my friend Shay's baby (whose shower food I showed you a couple weeks ago), had his Baby Daddy Shower. The two are co-parenting, and since they don't live together, they get to have two showers for both sides of the family.

Mike's friend Rachael hosted the party, and even though she had no idea what "vegan" entailed, she did her research and went all out to make sure we had plenty to eat. She picked up a big ole pan of Mock Chicken Nuggets (with BBQ sauce, not pictured) from the Whole Foods hot bar:

Have y'all had these things?! OMG! I've loved them for a long time, but since I typically only go to Whole Foods to shop, I forget these delicious nuggets are a staple on the hot bar.

Shay came to the shower and brought another of her famous Vegan Cheese Pizzas with homemade crust, homemade shallot-wine sauce, and Daiya cheese! I ate way too many slices!

Mike made his delicious Daiya cheese Ro-tel, which I showed y'all from the last shower. I didn't snap a great pic of it today. But I did get a pic of Mike's famous Chex Mix:

Mike makes this Chex Mix for every single party, and he always sends me home with a plastic bag full. I've shared the recipe on this blog here, and to date, it's got the most hits of anything I've ever posted.

We had plenty of sweets too! Mike made Red Velvet Cookies, which I was too full to try:

And Rachael picked up three kinds of cookies from Whole Foods (I had the peanut butter ones!), and Mike also made Snickerdoodles:

Anyway, sitting through the baby present opening wasn't so much fun since I'm not into babies and their accessories. But the food made everything worth it!


Des said...

Baby Daddy Shower!! That's pretty awesome!!

Sunnie@ModernGirlNutrition said...

That vegan cheese pizza looks to die for! Happy I found your blog:)

tender b. said...

I've had that chex mix bookmarked since last time you posted it. Chex was on sale during the holidays so I may finally get around to trying it out.