Sunday, January 20, 2008

You Scream, I Scream!

So my best friend Sheridan spent the weekend with me. She just moved back to Jonesboro, Arkansas (our hometown). We've been best friends since 8th grade, but in recent years, Sher's been touring the country with various theater troupes. Now, she's got a teaching job at our old college, Arkansas State. And Jonesboro's only an hour from Memphis.

Sheridan went veg two years ago after reading Skinny Bitch. She called me crying after reading the chapter about factory farming. The next day, she was a vegetarian.

Sher spent the night on Saturday. We made soy cream sundaes with hot chocolate syrup, soy whip, and sprinkles!!

Then we met some friends at Raiford's Hollywood Disco and spent the night dancing to ABBA, the Bee Gees, and Michael Jackson.

Today, we met up with my veggie society, Food Awareness, for Sunday Buffet at India Palace, my favorite Indian restaurant.

This is my second plate. It's filled with basmati rice, veggie samosa, dhal soup, and some kind of chili vegetable dish. I had chana masala on the first trip to the buffet. Yum!!!


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!! It all looks so good I want to eat it again! We are the coolest! I miss you!!!

jccvi said...

Is India Palace vegan or do they use ghee in the veggie dishes?

Bianca said...

They probably use ghee in some stuff. I'd imagine the dhal is safe and some of the veggie dishes. It's those flatbreads and fried foods that probably have ghee in them. I should probably ask, but when it comes to eating out, I tend to be a "don't ask, don't tell" vegan in the butter and marg department. Most places use margarine, so it's pretty much unavoidable when eating out...unless it's a vegan restaurant. But we don't have any of those here...sigh

Dianna Dalton said...

Golden India was so good. And I'm not an Indian food person. So that's sayin' somethin'.
♥ the Valentine's day sprinkles.