Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Country Potato Soup

It's cold in Memphis. Right now, it's 38 degrees. That may not seem bad if you come from up North. But down here, our blood is thinner. Thirty-eight degrees means heavy winter coats, scarves, and thick, creamy winter soups.

I veganized a version of Country Potato Soup from a cookbook I borrowed from my mom. The creaminess comes from soymilk mixed with whole wheat flour, and of course the cooked potatoes contribute to the creamy factor as well. I fried up some Smart Bacon (veggie bacon) and crumbled it in for an extra zing.

I'm definitely adding this one to my cookbook (I changed the recipe significantly). The focus of my book is "down home vegan cookin'." And it doesn't get much more down-home that potato soup.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yummy! That soup looks SO good & tasty