Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chickpea Cutlets!

Okay, so I'm in with the "in" crowd now. Like so many other vegan food bloggers before, I've finally made the Veganomicon Chickpea Cutlets. And now I understand what all the buzz is about ... these truly are the best things ever. If you haven't already, go buy the Veganomicon, turn to page 133, and make these right away.

Here's a pic of a cutlet with a mess o'collards on the side:

I baked my cutlets rather than frying them. The recipe allows for either preparation method, and while I love me some deep fried foods, I'm reading up on how olive oil forms free radicals when heated to a certain temp. I want to start using coconut oil, which is supposedly safe, but I haven't gotten any yet. Canola oil is supposed to be okay for heating too, and I did have some of that. But baking seems healthier.

The 'Nomicon describes the baked version of these cutlets as "firm" and "toothsome" (btw "toothsome" is my new favorite word). I had to use a knife and fork to eat this. It felt so carnivorous, but yet so tasty and cruelty-free!

I made the 'Nomicon's Mushroom Gravy as a topping. The creaminess was just what the tasty chickpea cutlet needed. Since I baked them, I was afraid they'd be too dry without some kind of gravy.

On the side are collard greens, steamed Southern-style in a big 'ol pot with some sugar, salt, hot sauce, and a little Liquid Smoke for that bacon grease flavor.

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Anonymous said...

Now you're talkin 'bout some good food! The only thing I love more than collard greens is kale!