Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Chipotle Chickpea Chili

Tonight was the perfect night for a hearty bowl of chili. It was tornado-y and stormy outside. It was FREEZING when I left yoga class in my flip-flops and shorts around 7 p.m. When I went to class at 6 p.m., it was nearly 70 degrees (yep, in January). Lucky for me, I had a fresh pot of Chipotle Chickpea Chili waiting on me at home.

I whipped this up in the time between work and yoga (roughly an hour), so it'd be ready when I needed it:

Cubed tofu, chickpeas, and kidney beans mean plenty of protein, and the chopped chipotle peppers gave it a nice smoky flavor. I will also include this in my cookbook.

I usually only eat chili if there's melted vegan cheese on top, though. Faux cheddar is best, but all I had was Follow Your Heart mozzerella. It all kind of tastes the same anyway. I took this pic for anyone out there who doesn't believe vegan cheese will melt. Here is proof:

The trick is covering the dish while it's cooking. For example, I tossed a little shredded FYH on top of my chili. Then I placed a heavy glass plate upside down over the bowl before zapping it in the microwave for about 1 1/2 minutes. Ta-da! I've found the same trick works in the oven if you place a baking sheet over your baking dish. But it seems to work best in the microwave.

Today's Food Diary:
Breakfast- Sweet Potato Hash, Whole Grain Toast with Strawberry Jam and Earth Balance
Lunch- Vegan Chicken Salad Sandwich, kettle-cooked salt & vinegar chips,
Snacks- Diana's chocolate cookie (stolen from the potluck), Half a pita with tomato basil hummus
Dinner- Chipotle Chickpea Chili

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Dianna Dalton said...

I think... by "Diana", you mean me.

I'm glad everyone liked my hazelnut-chocolate cookies. Those were deceptively vegan. >:>