Monday, July 16, 2018

Weekend Fun with Sheridan & Drew!

My BFF Sheridan and her partner Drew came to visit me in Memphis this past weekend. They live in Little Rock, about two hours away. And they hadn't been to Memphis since last fall so we had lots of eating to catch up on!

When they arrived on Saturday afternoon around 1 pm, it was time for lunch. So we drove out east to City Silo since they'd never been. City Silo is AWESOME! Most things on the menu are vegan by default, but they have the option of adding dairy cheese, eggs, or chicken. It's nice when vegan food is the default. Anyway, I had just run 16 miles and I was very hungry, so I ordered my favorite bowl in wrap-form. The Sesame Tempeh & Buffalo Cauliflower Bowl can be served on a wrap, but I usually get the bowl. The wrap is my fave. Love dipping it into the cashew ranch!

After lunch, we went out for beers at Crosstown Brewing Co., which is also new since they've been here last. Sheridan and I both ordered the seasonal Margarita Gose (a sour beer that has a lime-y margarita flavor without being sweet or too sour). I also sampled CBC's limited-edition Boris oak barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout.

We took a little walk around Crosstown Concourse and Crosstown Arts (where I work) so they could see the progress and then we attempted to ride Memphis' new Bird Scooters (local scooter share), but the scooters wouldn't accept mine or Sheridan's driver's licenses for some reason. Oh well! Then it was on to some shopping at Urban Outfitters and then dinner! 

We dined at Fuel Cafe so they could try the new vegan pizzas, created by the talented Don Gaines. But we started with an appetizer of Baba Ganoush with pita, olives, and roasted carrots.

The three of us split two pizzas — a Carrot Ham & Pineapple Pizza and a Cream & Greens Pizza with added mushrooms. The cream is a mushroom cream, and it's so good. Also, Don hand-makes the cashew cheese and the fabulous sourdough crust.

Paul met up with us at dinner, and then the three of us went to a blacklight DJ party downtown at The Lightclub for an hour or so. We finished the night out with beers and some snacks (fresh herbed bread with Treeline scallion cashew cheese and olive bruschetta).

On Sunday morning, we stopped into Imagine Vegan Cafe for brunch before they hit the road. They were dying to try Imagine's new mozzarella sticks, and they did not disappoint!

For my entree, I wanted to go with something fairly light and healthy since Paul and I had a planned 6-mile run later in the day. I chose a Veggie Platter with vegan mac and cheese, seasoned greens, green beans, and BBQ beans. 

We had a wonderful, delicious time! Can't wait to do it again (and I'll get to visit them in Little Rock in the next couple weeks for Sheridan's birthday!).


vegan peace said...

I want it all! The wrap sounds seriously amazing, and the pizza!! Although I would stick to the mushroom pizza because I am team no pineapple ever on pizza!!
Sounds like a really amazing weekend!

Sarah said...

What a fun weekend! It's so nice to be able to catch up with your best friends after it has been a while (I was actually able to do the same this weekend and it was great!). Everything looks seriously delicious. That pizza, omg! It looks so freaking great! The wrap sounds amazing as well and definitely like a perfect post run meal to refuel. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your weekend and that you'll see them again soon!

Unknown said...

I want to eat my way through the whole menu at city silo! Really amazing and clever how they have designed it so that customers can easily customize dishes.
Sounds like a fun and delicious visit!

Susan said...

What a great weekend, I am impressed you packed so much great food into a short time. I would love to come and hang out and eat with you and Sheridan some time on a US trip. And that pizza!