Thursday, July 26, 2018

Simple Happy Kitchen

The first fully illustrated guide to plant-based life is here! Simple Happy Kitchen: An Illustrated Guide to Your Plant-Based Life by Miki Mottes is the cutest darn thing I have ever seen. I'm one of those people who LOVES an infographic. And this book is like one giant, adorable infographic with pretty much every bit of information you'll never need in your vegan life.

The publisher sent me a review copy and included some cute Simple Happy Kitchen swag! The book, as well as the Simply Happy jar labels, Mr. Tofu keychain, veggie stickers, reusable shopping bag (all seen here!), among other adorable items, are available on the Simple Happy Kitchen website.

On its many illustrated pages (look at the examples below!), the book covers plant-based myths, food storage hacks, budget friendly vegan meal plans, a chart of plant-based protein sources, an intro to superfoods, common egg substitutes, a lesson on animal ag and the environment, and a primer on aquafaba, among many other topics. Plus, there's a guide to storing vegetables for max freshness, a grain cooking guide, a kick-ass hummus recipe, and tips on raising vegan kids. And the whole way, you're guided by a talking almond — Mr. Pedro Almondovar. All of the veggie characters have names and appear throughout the book (Mr. Tofu is my guy!).

Seriously — EVERYTHING is in this book. And because it's so cute, it makes learning such fun! Though it's not a cookbook, there are a few recipes for healthy snacks, vegan cheeses, plant milks, and fun sandwich spreads. I made the Avocado Spread for an open-faced sandwich last week, and it was awesome (tofu, avocado, lemon, grated radish, and scallion).

I haven't put the shopping bag to use yet, but I love how it folds into a little portable square (it's the little blue thing in the first pic). My fave merch item, though, are the jar labels. Because how cute are they?????? In this pic, we have white beans, walnuts, and chia seeds. Each label tells you the calories and macros per serving.

Even my cats love this book!

Simple Happy Kitchen would make a great gift for a new vegan (or an old vegan)! It's so much fun to read, and even this old vegan has learned some new things (like the best way to store certain veggies and how to make the creamiest, killer hummus!).


vegan peace said...

I need the stickers for jars! My bulk jars are out of control!! This is a great resource for people who are intimidated by the thought of going vegan. And the avocado
spread sounds delicious, especially with grated radish!
Cute kitties!

Unknown said...

That kitty photo is SO CUTE !!
That sounds like such a great book that would be fun to read and learn from. I’m very into those illustrations- and such a cute tote bag.
Honestly never would have thought to mix avocado and tofu like that, gonna try it this weekend it sounds delicious!