Thursday, July 12, 2018

More Stuff I Ate

I have been LOVING my CSA. It's so fun to plan my meals around fresh produce, which surprisingly, is something I wasn't doing before. Instead, I was picking recipes from cookbooks without any concern for what I already had on-hand (that's an expensive way to eat, y'all! Pretty sure this CSA is saving me $$$).

One day last week, I made a Potato Cabbage Curry using this recipe. I added chickpeas for protein though! And I added some asafoetida and black salt for a more authentic Indian cuisine flavor. Tasted like something from a restaurant! Served over basmati rice.

My parents came to town on the Tuesday night before the 4th of July so my dad could fix my bike. And we went out to eat at Farm Burger, where I got yet another Impossible Burger. I will never tire of these!

Here's a much healthier burger! I had some No Meat Athlete Burgers (a lentil-walnut burger) in the freezer from when I made them back in December. The recipe is in the No Meat Athlete marathon roadmap meal plan. I had one on a Burger Salad!

But I also had another No Meat Athlete Burger last night on a sprouted grain bun with homemade pickles (from my CSA!) and Air-Fried Fries & Chipotle Mayo (by Just for All).

Hey, here's last week's CSA haul! Summer squash, nectarines, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, garlic, and nectarines.

I've already polished off the nectaries and cherry tomatoes. The cucumber became pickles and found their way into salads. And I used some of the squash in this Black Bean & Squash Burrito! Also has mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, vegan cheese, and salsa. I wish there was a way to take a pretty picture of a burrito.

I'll be back on Monday night with an update from my weekend fun. My BFF Sheridan and her partner are coming to visit, and we're planning to eat our way through vegan Memphis!


Unknown said...

Well it certainly sounds like you should renew your CSA membership, it sounds like it has had a wonderful significant impact! Our nectarines and peaches aren’t quite ready locally but i’m anxiously waiting for them.
Have fun this weekend!

vegan peace said...

That curry looks amazing. I don't think I've ever added cabbage to a curry.
Although I'm not really dying to try the Impossible burger, yours always look so dang amazing!
I hope you have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

Oooh yum! I'm glad that the CSA membership has been working out and that you've been enjoying it. Your meals look awesome, I'm so curious about the Impossible Burger, I should start investigating where I can find one near me. The burrito looks amazing! I don't know why I always forget burritos but I need to get them back in my life.

Have fun with Sheridan and her partner this weekend!

Cadry said...

I still haven't tried an Impossible Burger, but whenever I read your posts, I think I must do that soon!