Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Stuff I Ate

I've back on my protein waffle game! I took a little break from FitQuick protein waffles when I was injured, but now that I'm ramping up my 50K training, I'm back to alternating between protein smoothies and protein waffles for breakfast. I had this Pizza Waffle after a morning run one day recently. Topped with marinara and some leftover cashew cheese!

Stopped by Imagine Vegan Cafe for a quick takeout dinner one night. Got the BLTA with a Side Salad and vegan ranch. They go heavy on the bacon on this sandwich, so it's one of my faves.

After that BLT, I kept craving more BLTs. So I made a few at home using toasted sesame seeds in place of bacon. Have y'all tried this???? It's amazing. A now-defunct health food store in Memphis — Square Foods — made their BLTs with toasted sesame seeds (they really taste like bacon!!) and I used to love them. Just toast seeds in a dry skillet and spread them over the mayo. I added heirloom tomatoes from my CSA, lettuce, and sprouts. Side of tortilla chips (the Sprouts brand cause they're my FAVE!) with hummus and salsa.

Here's a random breakfast of Oatmeal with Nectarines (from my CSA!), plus almond butter and hemp hearts.

My friend Andy had a birthday a couple weeks ago, and every year for his birthday, he requests that we eat at the West Memphis Shoney's. Weird, I know. Shoney's doesn't offer much for vegans, so I usually bring some food from home to add to my meal. This time, I ordered the salad bar and brought a Beyond Burger patty that we had leftover from the kitchen at work. Believe it not, burger salads are really good!

And finally, a sweet treat! Our Crosstown Arts cook/pastry wizard Maria is always trying out new vegan cookie recipes on us at the office. The other day, she had some leftover corn that needed using, so she made these Lemon Cornbread Cookies! Mmmmmm. They were like cornbread but sweet and with a hint of lemon. Definitely one of my faves from her.

More random meals tomorrow!


vegan peace said...

I have never. ever heard of a stl sandwich, i will definitely have to try that! And I so agree with you, burger salads are amazing. I always like lots of toppings on my burger, so I just think of it as a burger, no bun!!
I haven't heard Shoney's since growing up in the Midwest!!

Sarah said...

OMG!!! Everything looks seriously incredible. I'm so impressed by the pizza waffle and the sandwiches look amazing. I have my eye on those lemon cornbread cookies though! They sound so delicious and unique! I need those in my life!

Unknown said...

Wow I would be VERY into those corn cookies!! And I probably eat more veggie burger patties on salads than i do on buns, it’s a fantastic combo. And i always get those crunchy salad bar noodles too! They really make it.

Rachel R. said...

Any day that I don't have leftovers for lunch, I eat a burger salad! Greens, some sort of grain (lately I've been making a batch of farro on Sunday nights to add to my salads), a veggie burger, avocado if I have it, and Annie's Goddess dressing. I never get tired of it!