Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Global Café Pop-Up at Crosstown Concourse

Global Café is a new international food hall opening soon in Crosstown Concourse, the building where I work. They'll host three immigrant/refugee food entrepreneurs at a time, and they'll cook and sell food in a common space. When they open later this summer, they're starting with cuisine from Nepal, Syria, and Sudan. 

The hope is that the individual entrepreneurs will eventually become successful enough to branch out and open their own restaurants. So the country concepts may change over time. They're still wrapping up construction on their space, which will be located near The Curb Market on the ground floor (if you're local and familiar with Crosstown Concourse).

But for the month of July (through the 27th), you can get a taste of Global Café at their lunch pop-up in West Atrium. Here is General Manager Juan of Mexico and Chef Ibti of Sudan serving up lunch. They start at 11 am daily on the weekdays.

Yes, they have a vegan option! 

The pop-up menu is only a sampling of what they'll serve in the restaurant, so there are four items. But one is vegan! My co-worker Madelyn and I had lunch there last week so we could try Juan's Mexican Frijoles de la Hoya Bean Stew.

Look at that beautiful avocado! Juan says he prides himself on his ability to pick out the best avocados. He topped each of our plates with a half avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro, and jalapeno. The stew tasted so fresh and healthy. I felt great after this lunch. I washed it down with their Hibiscus Flower Tea. This was lightly sweetened and very floral. A perfect complement to the beans.


vegan peace said...

Global Cafe sounds like such an amazing plan. Thanks for sharing that, I think we all need to be reminded of the good during this extremely sad time in our country.
Your lunch looks AMAZING!!!!!

Susan said...

This is such a neat idea!

Unknown said...

That’s such a fantastic concept, i love that! And what a great opportunity for the locals to try new cuisines and support them.
Totally impressed they had a vegan option, those look like some nice plump beans and perfect avocado