Monday, July 9, 2018

Falafel & Waffles!

Crosstown Brewing Co. — my neighborhood craft brewery at Crosstown Concourse — started hosting a weekly Bluegrass Brunch a couple weeks ago, and when I found out there were vegan options (thanks to pop-up vendor, Falafel & Waffles), my friends and I made plans to go!

On Sunday around noon, we met up there for brunch. I'd just run 12 miles (and 12 miles on Saturday as well), so my appetite was heartier than usual (and it's always pretty hearty). When we approached the Falafel & Waffles tent, I was stoked to see it's run by my co-worker Daniel and his wife Lily!

Vegan options at Falafel & Waffles include vegan biscuits and sausage gravy and falafel. They were out of the biscuits and gravy, so falafel it was! I got the falafel order, plus a side of avocado and hummus and pita. The falafel was perfectly fried (without being greasy!) and so delicious stacked onto pita wedges with that hummus and perfect avocado. 

Not only was brunch delicious, but CBC was selling $3 beermosas (made with CBC's Siren Blonde Ale)! Win, win!

Here's the brunch bunch — Trés, Shiloh, Nicole (who also works with me at Crosstown Arts), and her partner, Sheila.

And of course, me and Cassi!

Awesome brunch! They also have a bluegrass band playing during brunch hours, which runs from 11 am-3 pm (or until Falafel & Waffles runs out of food, which it seems they did on Sunday!).


Susan said...

The falafels look great. Though I was kind of hoping that it would be falafels on waffles. ;)

vegan peace said...

Those look like perfect falafels! I haven't had falafel in so long, I nee to change that!
Seeing Cassie reminds me of when she had a blog! I still to this day swear by ginger detox baths which I learned from her! Please tell her thank you, they've helped me so many times!!

Sarah said...

What a fun meet up! I love that Falafel and Waffles was run by your coworker! The falafel looked perfect! It looks like a really fun time :)

Cassi Conyers said...

Awe! Thank you! If you want to follow my life now I'm a burlesque dancer! Thecocorose on ig!

Unknown said...

That’s a lot of miles back to back days! At first i thought they made falafel waffles which apparently are just falafel mix cooked in a waffle iron. Those look great! And excellent avocado addition, that’s a great idea.