Thursday, July 5, 2018

Fourth of July Eats!

Just a quick post tonight to share pics of my Fourth of July food and fun. I was off work yesterday, so I slept in, watched Evil Genius on Netflix, fit in a 4-mile trail run, and visited with a friend who's been sick and stuck at home for a week. And then I headed to my friend Andy's house for a Fourth of July cookout.

There were five of us there and only two vegan/vegetarian folks, so the meat eaters cooked their meat while my friend Mike and I cooked vegan brats and burgers. I brought the Tofurky brats, and Mike brought Morningstar Farms' new quarter-pound vegan burgers. I also wrapped some CSA summer squash in foil packets and threw that on the grill.

The salads you see here are from a cookbook I plan to review pretty soon, so I'll save the details for that. But there's a cucumber salad and Tennessee caviar (blackeyes peas, corn, tomato, onion, cilantro, and oil/vinegar dressing). Both were light and summer-y and perfectly balanced that heavy plant meat!

Sadly, Mike kinda burned the veggie burgers. So I scrapped that awesome Daiya cheese and onions off and added them to my brat.

Mike also brought his locally famous Vegan Rotel Dip! This has a base of melted vegan cheddar, almond milk, canned Rotel tomatoes & green chiles, and crumbled vegan sausage. He serves it in a Crock Pot, just like you're supposed to serve rotel dip in the South! It's so good, and I wish he would have sent me home with some leftovers! I'll have to steal his recipe and share with y'all soon.

(Fun fact: Mike's Chex Mix recipe gets more hits than any other post on this blog.)

After dinner, we headed downtown for the free fireworks show over the Mississippi River!


vegan peace said...

Souns like an amazing day! I in't even know Morningstar farms had a quarter pounder burger, and that it's vegan! I don't pay attention to a lot of their stuff because so much of it is vegetarian. Love your red white and blue outfit!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

What a fun day! Your plate looks so yummy and that cheese dip!! I NEED to make that! Do you happen to know which vegan cheddar he uses? I also have to make that Chex Mix! ;) that is a great pic of you by the fireworks! Looks like a really great way to spend the holiday!

Unknown said...

What a delicious celebration! Although disappointing the burgers got too done. The black eye peas dish has peaked my curiosity, I’m always looking for new bean based dishes. Too funny that chex mix is the most viewed- you have so many other great recipes!