Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Even More Stuff I Ate

Last week, my friend Susan and I had lunch at Pho Binh — home of the best and cheapest tofu buffet in Midtown (and probably all of Memphis). The Lemongrass Tofu is the greatest thing on earth, and that's ALWAYS on the buffet (thank god). Also typically there's Green Bean Tofu and another random tofu/veggies dish. The clear veggie soup is pretty much always there. But it's a rare day when the Coconut Curry Tofu Soup is on offer. And it was last Thursday. It was a good day.

Our super-talented Crosstown Arts cafe cook and baker makes us vegan sweets at work several times a week. These Linzer Cookies with homemade jam were AMAZING. Just AMAZING.

Last Friday night, a few of my friends and I saw Boy George & Culture Club with the B-52's at Live at the Garden at the Memphis Botanic Garden. Everyone arrives super-early for these outdoor shows so they can picnic before the concert. We had a big vegan spread with lots of wine and beer, plus herbed bread with Treeline cashew cheese and olive bruschetta, baby carrots and Thai coconut curry hummus, chips and guac, grapes, watermelon, trail mix, and lots of other little snacks.

Here's another No Meat Athlete-inspired recipe! Not from the cookbook though. I listen to the NMA podcast, and last week, host Matt mentioned that he liked to make Air-fried tofu, Hummus, & Veggie Wraps for his kids. It sounds great! So I air-fried some tofu (sprayed with Bragg's) on 400 for 15 minutes and layered into a wrap with CSA cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, plus lettuce and Thai coconut curry hummus (leftover from Friday's picnic). Served with chips and salsa verde.

And finally, here's yet another Fitquick Pizza Protein Waffle (this one is topped with marinara, nooch, and sauteed bell pepper, garlic, and onion — all from my CSA). I'm REALLY getting the most out of this CSA!


vegan peace said...

Every time I see the lemongrass tofu I drool! There was a Vietnamese restaurant in Seattle that I went to often and I almost always chose the lemongrass tofu!
I'm loving seeing all these great things you're making with your csa baskets!!

Bethany said...

Yay for B-52's!! I love that they're still as weird and cool as ever:)

Unknown said...

I would eat myself into a tofu food coma at that buffet! All of those dishes sound so good...
friday sounds like so much fun, picnics are the best part of summer :)) and i had no idea those guys were all still playing concerts! Amazing!
Hopefully you can extend your csa through the early fall to keep enjoying all the produce