Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New at Farm Burger: The Impossible Burger!!

Quick post tonight! And sorry for the long absence. I had a very bad day yesterday, but I'm not ready to talk about it just yet, so I'll catch y'all up on that later.

Until then, I have some most excellent news to share with Memphis vegans and anyone planning a trip to Memphis. Farm Burger in Crosstown Concourse now carries the Impossible Burger!

That makes three Memphis restaurants that I know of that carry the Impossible. The Liquor Store on Broad and Hopdoddy in Overton Square also sell the patty, and each place serves them in their own unique way. I do believe the Farm Burger version is my fave though! They coat the patty with a seasoned salt blend with big chunks of black pepper, and then it's fried and served with toppings of your choice on a sesame seed bun. I'm so lucky to work literally right upstairs from this place!!

I opted for pickles, red onion, tomato, lettuce, and grainy mustard. Perfect! I love their thinly sliced onions and pickles. Plus, the burger comes with Farm Burger's natural cut fries, which I've long been a fan of. They don't serve vegan cheese, sadly. But the burger is so good that it doesn't really need it.

Here's an inside shot taken by my vegan coworker Gonzo. As you can see, they cook the patties until they're well-done. Impossible patties are red and actually bleed when prepared rare, but all of the Memphis restaurants serve them done to well-done. For a more rare (but still pretty done) version, try Hopdoddy. I'm a fan of this cooked-through version though!

The Impossible burger at Farm Burger is big news since, previously, the Memphis Farm Burger didn't have a vegan burger option. They also serve a quinoa veggie patty, but it is not vegan. Their Superfood Salad (a kale salad with nooch and tahini) is vegan, and it's great. But sometimes, you want a meaty veggie burger, right?


_emmbeedee_ said...

Looks amazing! I've had Beyond Burgers, but I haven't tried an Impossible Burger yet. I'm looking forward to trying one. My youngest son is vegan and he can't eat the Imposible Burger, he said it's too realistic for him!

Barb said...

My mom wont eat the Impossible or the Beyond, she says they freak her out- but I love them both! This one looks fantastic. And hope you're ok!!