Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Engine 2 Food Journal, Day 3

I finished my third day on the regular Engine 2 plan (after kicking off with the Engine 2 7-Day Rescue). Loving this oil-free, low-salt, low-sugar way of eating! My energy level is awesome. And my digestion is on fire! I started yesterday with Green Hornet Toast from The Engine 2 Cookbook — a full-color, hardcover cookbook companion to Rip Esselstyn's other Engine books.

Yes, this is avocado toast! YAY! On the 7-Day Rescue, avocados were allowed but just in smaller amounts. But regular Engine 2 allows for more avocados, nuts and seeds, and other whole foods-based fats (no oils though). This avo toast was made extra awesome with smashed salt-free black beans and tomatillo-mango salsa. Plus, I added some sriracha, which I think makes a great salt sub. It has sodium, sure, but in the past I would have added salt and sriracha.

Morning snack was Grapes, Strawberries, and Blueberries.

Lunch was a leftover Tofu Teriyaki Bowl from The Engine 2 Cookbook. Brown rice, baked sesame teriyaki tofu, steamed broccoli, and sriracha. So perfect!

I had spinning class at the Y in my building at 5:30 pm, so I snacked on some more Badass Banana Bread with Raw Almond Butter. This oil-free bread is from The Engine 2 Cookbook, and despite the lack of moistness that you'd get with oil, it's still really tasty. It's hard to describe the texture. It's not dry. Just not moist. Like, it's soft but not greasy. Anyway, very good with almond butter.

After class, I looked out the windows of Crosstown Concourse, and it was POURING. I'd walked to work that morning, and there was no way I could walk home in that. So while I waited, I hit up So Nuts & Confections, our building's nut roastery, because they were having a BOGO sale. They have all kinds of seasoned nuts and candies, and I was tempted to get some high-salt or high-sugar snacks, but instead, I got Raw Walnuts and Roasted Cashews. Both healthier options! I was proud of myself. When my transaction there was done, the rain had let up, so I snacked on nuts on the walk home.

Dinner was a frozen Engine 2 Pinto Habanero Burger on a Sprouted Grain Bun. I topped it was tomatillo-mango salsa, tomato, and lettuce. And I had a salad with Rip's Favorite Ranch (a cashew-herb ranch) from The Engine 2 Cookbook on the side. Y'all these burgers were goooooood! They had a bean and rice base, so they were on the squishier side. But I like a squishy burger when it's bean-based. The habanero flavor really came through, and they were spicy enough for my liking (I'm not usually impressed by habanero flavored things, never hot enough!).

Yay for awesome meals!! 


vegan peace said...

I've been craving grapes lately. I need to get some soon! As usual your meals all look delicious.
I've seen the Engine 2 burgers at Whole Foods and I've always wondered how they were. That flavor sounds great!

Sarah said...

This looks like an ideal food day to me! Everything looks so incredible! I love adding fat free refried beans to my avocado toast and you lunch leftovers look just as great the second time around. Banana bread is such a yummy snack too! I am going to check out So Nuts & Confections to see if they sell online because I LOVE seasoned nuts. Yum!

Crissie said...

All these eats looks amazing! Honest question for you - if you have to avoid all nuts (deadly allergies) is it easy enough to modify? I’ve found so many of their products at WF to be heavy on the nuts and in the one book I read. But more than happy to make modifications if they’re practical.

Bianca said...

Hi Crissie! I think you definitely could! The Seven-Day Rescue Diet version of Engine 2 actually doesn't allow nuts (except walnuts). But the regular Engine 2 plan does. The 7-day Book has some great recipes that are nut-free!

Unknown said...

Well i’ve never had refried beans on my avocado toast and obviously am missing out! Smart move to avoid walking home in the rain, it’s been super rainy all week here and it’s miserable to walk around in it even with an umbrella! I couldn’t handle the habanero but i’m impressed by your rave reviews of the few purchased engine 2 products