Thursday, May 10, 2018

Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue, Day 4

I'm over halfway there! Since Sunday, I've been following Rip Esselstyn's 7-Day Rescue Diet challenge as a sort of spring reboot. It's a veggie- and fruit-heavy plan that's oil-free, low sugar, low salt, and low on processed foods (though there are a few packaged products that meet the nutrition guidelines of Engine 2).

Here's a recap of what I ate yesterday on Day 4. The morning started with Rip's Peachy Keen Oats from the Seven-Day Rescue Diet book (all recipes here are from that book). This is steel cut oats with frozen peaches, raspberries, and chia seeds.

This was a little too tart for my tastes. My frozen fruit wasn't very sweet, and since I'm trying not to add much sweetener, I didn't cut that tart flavor with anything. This would be best with juicy, in-season peaches (or maybe just a little agave).

Morning snack at work was a leftover Baked Smashed Potato with Oil-Free Hummus. Really satisfying! I did sneak a bit of pink salt onto the potato because salt-free potatoes make me sad, but I used less than normal and it seemed fine. Maybe my tastebuds are adjusting to less salt!

Lunch was Rip's Red Pepper Smile Flats — open-faced sandwiches on sprouted grain with Engine 2 oil-free roasted red pepper hummus, jarred roasted red peppers, tomato, baby spinach, parsley, and scallion. Yay bread!!

I also had this Garden Salad with Jane's Dancing Dressing (a maple-balsamic dressing named for Rip's sister).

Afternoon snack was diced Honey Mango & Grapes. Honey mangoes must be in-season because I never see them, but Kroger had them 2 for a $1! I LOVE how sweet they are! Hey look, it's my good foot (the other one is in a special fracture shoe, a step down from the walking boot - getting better!).

Dinner was a another Southwestern Potato Bowl & Steamed Kale.

I made this on Monday night as well, but I had some leftover fat-free refried beans, so I air-fried more potatoes (without oil! but with a little salt). The potatoes are on the bottom with some raw baby spinach, and they're topped with the beans, rotel, bell pepper, and corn. This was very good, and it made a HUGE bowl of food that took me about 30 minutes to eat (granted, I'm a very slow eater).


vegan1 said...

Thanks for posting your following of this plan - I have been on the fence about this book but now I am going to get it.

Unknown said...

The potato as a snack kinda makes me giggle... just not what you expect someone to whip out as a snack! I would be very into it though. Glad you at least gave it a smidgit of salt.
I saw an engine 2 brand moroccan bean stew in the soup aisle of whole foods yesterday, in a tetrapack box- actually sounded great as an emergency desk lunch thing.
Congratulations on graduating from the boot!

Sarah said...

I'm seriously loving seeing everything you are eating on this plan. It all looks so good. I totally get what you mean about the frozen peaches. I have never had sweet frozen peaches. I can't wait for them to be in season, they are one of my favorite fruits! The sandwich flats look incredible but I would switch all of the pepper stuff to sun dried tomato stuff ;)

MikeG said...

I love potatoes and mangoes (but not together) 🥔🥔🥔🥔😄
Sprouts has mangoes 3/$1 (I thought the same about being in season - was like WO!)

Gena said...

Hi my friend,

As someone who often does not identify with or enjoy reading about reboot experiences, I want to register my appreciation for how positively and self-caringly you've framed these posts (and past posts about temporary dietary changes). I love the focus on health and self-care, rather than forcing your body to look a certain way, and everything you've been sharing sounds just delicious! Glad you're having a good week.