Thursday, May 17, 2018

Engine 2 Food Journal, Day 4

And here we are 4 days in to Engine 2 (after a 7-day stricter Rescue Diet version last week). I'm really enjoying this oil-free, low-salt, low-sugar plan, y'all. I will say that I'm not being super strict with the rules, and I'm surely eating/drinking a few things that Engine 2 guru Rip Esselstyn would not (hello, beer!), but everything else I'm eating is super healthy, so I feel pretty balanced when I indulge.

Yesterday (day 4) started with half a Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar before my 5:30 am (!!!) spinning class at the Y in Crosstown Concourse. Nuts are allowed on Engine 2, and this is probably the healthiest bar out there since it's just nuts and dates. As you can see, Maynard was sad that I didn't share.

After spinning, I came home to another bowl of Rip's Big Bowl Triple Berry Walnut Cereal with Oat Milk, plus added blueberries and banana. Love this cereal!!

Lunch was leftover Split Pea Potato Soup from the 7-Day Rescue Diet last week. I made a lot, so I froze a couple portions. I had it over brown rice, and I had a salad with cashew ranch on the side.

I go to yoga at my downtown gym (Envision Memphis) on Wednesday nights at 6:15 pm, so I need a hearty snack to power me through since dinner is super-late. I had my last slice of oil-free Badass Banana Bread with Cashew Butter. Mmmmm, cashew butter.

After yoga, I came home and whipped up some quick Black Bean, Mushroom, & Caramelized Onion Tacos with avocado, salsa, lettuce, and tomato. Plus, Steamed Broccoli on the side.

These tacos were so good, and I promise you'd never know they were oil-free unless you asked. I made these with Vidalia onions that were sent me to for review (yep, a whole box of onions!). So I plan to post the recipe very soon (maybe next week) in a whole post devoted to onions!

I've got a fun weekend planned, and there will be some beer and non-Engine 2 snacking happening, but I'm going to try to practice moderation (something I'm not great at). We'll see how it goes!


Unknown said...

Thsoe are some good looking tacos! I totally make mine the same way with a lot of stuff in them (and usually they fall apart or i just give up and eat like a tostada)
A whole box of vidalia onions??? Ha! I love them but, um....that’s like a LOT of onions! French onion soup? Big batches of carmelized onions to freeze? Carmelized onion and basalmic savory jam? I don’t think they keep a long time like yellow onions do.

vegan peace said...

Cashew butter!!! I bet that was so good on the banana bread! I can't wait to see an onion post!!

_emmbeedee_ said...

Everything looks delicious! The peanut butter cookie Larabar is my favorite! Looking forward to the onion post, lol!

Sarah said...

I'm seriously craving banana bread after seeing it in your posts. Those tacos look seriously incredible too!!