Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Nashville Vegan Eats: Five Daughters Bakery

It's the last post in my (almost) week-long series dedicated to Nashville's vegan options. I spent the weekend in Music City (about 3 hours away from my home in Memphis) and ate my way through all the new-to-me vegan options.

As I mentioned yesterday, if you're planning a trip to Nashville, you can find posts on The Fox Bar & Cocktail ClubThe Southern V and The BE Hive from earlier this week, and check out my older posts on vegan standards, The Wild Cow, Graze, Vegan Vee, Sunflower Cafe, and Avo.

Tonight, we're talking doughnuts. VEGAN DOUGHNUTS. Where I'm from, vegan doughnuts are like unicorns. They're pretty much impossible to find, except on the rare Sunday when Imagine Vegan Cafe offers them at brunch. So imagine my surprise when I learned that Five Daughters Bakery in East Nashville serves vegan yeasted doughnuts daily!

Five Daughters isn't new, and I don't know how long they've been selling vegan doughnuts, but I've walked past this place a million times on past trips to Nashville and had no idea there were treasures inside. Five Daughters is in the same retail space as vegan restaurants Wild Cow and Graze, and I eat at one or both of those places on every Nashville trip.

I feel so sad for all the missed doughnut opportunities, but I'm so glad I know now! Paul and I went to brunch at Graze on Sunday, and of course, I had to stop in and grab some doughnuts while I was in the area. The flavors change, but on Sunday, they had the Purist (plain, glazed), Strawberry Glazed, and Lemon Blueberry. The little "v" on the label indicates vegan items. Not everything at Five Daughters is vegan.

I got a Purist and a Blueberry Lemon.

Plain, glazed doughnuts have always been my fave, so I dug into this one while we waited for a table at Graze. I think I died and went straight to vegan doughnut heaven during the five minutes it took me to savor every bite. These doughnuts were soft and fluffy and yeasted to perfection. Paul, a doughnut hater, did not understand my happiness at all. He was just like, "yea, cool that you found doughnuts or whatever." Psssssh.

I had the blueberry lemon one on the long drive back to Memphis and managed to get frosting all over my fingers, steering wheel, and seats, but it was worth every sticky bite.


Susan said...

Sometimes a sticky steering wheel is the price we must pay. When you have to eat a doughnut, you have to eat it. ;)

Sarah said...

Yeeeeessss vegan doughnuts!!! Believe it or not, vegan donuts are kind of hard to find on Long Island. I know we have options in NYC but I'm just not there ever. There is one place that offers vegan donuts but I think they are more like a cake or muffin in a donut shape. Your donuts look so perfect, the blueberry is such a beautiful color. I agree with Susan, a sticky steering wheel is definitely worth it ;)

Blake Fraina said...

A donut hater? Is there such a thing??? Talk about a unicorn.

vegan peace said...

Those look so great! I think I would choose the same flavors!

Unknown said...

Well i guess the upside is you’ll never have to share with Paul! ;)
Those look crazy amazing and totally worth sticky steering wheel issues. How exciting to “discover” this place hidden in plain sight!