Monday, May 14, 2018

Engine 2 Food Journal, Day 1

So I finished the Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet this weekend, and you might expect a big, fun retox post today (cause I usually treat myself to something junky after a reboot). But nah — this time is different! I've decided to keep going on the regular Engine 2 plan for a couple more weeks. Don't worry. There will be pizza and tacos on here again soon! But I like how I feel on this plan, so I want to keep it up for a bit (and maybe adopt some long-term healthy habits!).

Engine 2 is pretty much the same as the Seven-Day Rescue, but it allows for more avocado, nuts, seeds, nut butters, tofu, and tempeh (the good stuff!). It's still oil-free, low-salt, and low-sugar, but I'll be a little less strict with those guidelines since I plan to eat out some. And I'll be drinking calories again in the form of wine and beer!

Anyway, my first day on regular Engine 2 started off pretty tame. I woke up at my friend Drew's dad's house in Jonesboro, where I spent the night after my high school reunion on Saturday. I'd brought a loaf of the Engine 2 Badass Banana Bread with me for breakfast, so I had a couple slices with — gasp! — almond butter! My how I missed almond butter all week!

The bread is oil-free and sweetened only with bananas, maple, and agave (not in the recipe but I ran out of maple). It's made with a mix of whole wheat flour and oat flour, and I added walnuts and raisins for fun. It's really tasty, though the lack of oil made it drier than most banana bread. That said, the almond butter fixed that.

After breakfast, I drove back to Memphis. I made a quick lunch using some leftovers from last week. This Burrito Bowl has fat-free refried beans, quinoa, steamed collards, baked sweet potato, corn, and salsa. Very filling!

In the afternoon, I snacked on grapes and strawberries. And then for dinner, I heated up leftover Sloppy Joe Tostados, which I made from the Seven-Day Rescue Diet cookbook for Saturday's dinner. I had a salad with oil-free dressing on the side. By the way, I had two tostados, but I couldn't fit both on this plate. So I went back for seconds!

And that's it for day one on regular Engine 2! I'll keep food journaling here as I go through the plan!


Sarah said...

Oooh this all looks great! I'm glad that you are feeling good and enjoying eating this way! That banana bread looks so good. I definitely need to make some banana bread soon, I've been craving it and yours looks amazing!

vegan peace said...

Everything you're eating looks so great! It definitely oesn't seem like any kind of plan!