Sunday, May 6, 2018

Happy 7th Anniversary, Imagine Vegan Cafe!

My favorite vegan restaurant/home away from home — Imagine Vegan Cafe — celebrated 7 years at the end of April! I can't believe it's been so long. I was there on day one, and I've eaten there at least once every 2 weeks (usually once a week) since. I've met a number of my closest friends there, and it's served as a meeting spot for so many lunches, dinners, and brunches, I couldn't even begin to count. Hell, my friend Mike's baby was born because of Imagine! He met his baby mama/ex-gf Shay there about seven years ago when we held weekly Wednesday night Imagine get-togethers.

Owners Kristie and Adam (and their four daughters) are the kindest, gentlest people on the planet. They're in it for the animals, 100%. They have a ton of rescue/foster dogs on their farm in Mississippi, and they even have a rescued pig and donkey! Plus, they feed vegan food to some of Memphis' homeless population regularly.

I'm so happy they've made it this far! And I hope they'll be around for many more years to come (otherwise, I don't know what I'll do with myself). Anyway, they held their annual anniversary buffet party last week (over two days, Monday and Tuesday). I went on Monday, along with Pam, Megan, and Mike.

As always when Imagine holds a buffet party, the options were INSANE. Here are a few shots from the buffet, like this build-your-own chili cheese dog bar.

A build-your-own black bean taco bar.

Two kinds of vegan mac & cheese!

Spaghetti, beefless tips, and garlic knots.

Plus, there was Imagine's famous spinach dip & chips, vegan hot wings, vegan chicken tenders, and pigs in blankets.

And you can't celebrate a birthday without cake! There was a giant chocolate cake.

And a couple funfetti cakes, plus peanut butter fudge.

And a chocolate fountain with Dandies, berries, and pretzels.

I had one of EVERYTHING because I don't play at a buffet. Here's plate number one.

And plate number two.

And my dessert plate!

In case you're wondering, yes I ate everything. And yes, I was miserably full afterward (like food coma full), but it was so worth it.

That said, because I've been eating like this a little too often since I've been unable to run, I've been feeling the need for a little spring cleaning diet reboot. So starting today (Sunday), I'm doing the Engine 2 7-Day Rescue Diet (no oil, low salt, low sugar, limited processed food). I'll be blogging about it daily starting tomorrow!


cara pemupukan bawang merah said...

happy anniversary!!! hope you happiness

vegan peace said...

Happy Anniversary Imagine Cafe! I feel like I know them through your blog!!

Unknown said...

They certainly know how to throw an awesome party! Hopefully they celebrate many many more, you’re so lucky to be a part of their community :)

Susan said...

I can't believe that it has been 7 years already!