Thursday, June 9, 2022

Sometimes I Eat Beans, Sometimes I Eat Donuts

Life is all about balance, right? I've been really focusing on healthy foods this week after a weekend of gluttony. But this post has a little bit of both. Today for lunch, I had this tasty, healthy grain/green/bean bowl with White Beans, Brown Rice, Steamed Kale, and Sourdough Bread (and a bit of chow chow!). The beans were cooked from dried a few weeks ago, and I froze them in portions for quick meals. The sourdough was from LuLu's.

Last night, I had this GGB bowl with Black Beans, Brown Rice, Steamed Kale, and Garlic Aioli. Same basic ingredients except for the beans and sauce. GGB bowls are my standard healthy go-to. For the aioli, I just thinned some Wicked Foods garlic aioli with a bit of unsweetened soymilk.

On Monday, I had this Yukon Gold & Marinated Beet Salad from Raw Girls. It had a creamy tahini dressing, and it really hit the spot after my weekend of fried tofu, chips, and beer.

But here's some balance! Friday was National Donut Day, and we don't have a vegan donut shop here. But my friend Lily runs Darling Donuts — a vegan donut delivery service. She no longer does house deliveries because she has a day job, but twice a week — Mondays and Saturdays — she delivers to Imagine Vegan Cafe, City & State, and French Truck Coffee. On Monday of last week, I planned ahead! I stopped by French Truck for two donuts — one to eat right away and another to freeze for Friday.

I ate the Apple Fritter right away on my porch with a cup of mushroom coffee.

And I froze the Glazed Donut for Friday. Donuts freeze beautifully, but they get freezer burn quickly, so it's best to eat them within a couple weeks. I thawed this on Friday morning (and added some sprinkles for fun!). 

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