Tuesday, January 25, 2022

30-Day NEURO Plan, Day 22

Sunday was Day 22 on my 30-day NEURO plan from The 30-Day Alzheimer's Solution book. I've been eating lots of leftovers lately, but on Sunday, I finally had time to do some cooking! On Sunday morning, I went for a one-mile run for my running streak, and then I made the last of the Chickpea Omelets. I'd portioned out the dry ingredients the week before for quick breakfasts. This was stuffed with tomatoes, mushrooms, and spinach and served with hummus and fruit.

Breakfast was more like brunch (10 am-ish), so I just had a light salad for lunch. This has cooked buckwheat, carrots, beets, mixed greens, and toasted almonds and pepitas, plus a tasty Roasted Carrot Dressing from the book. I made a big batch of the dressing for salads this week. It's oil-free, but I plan to add some olive oil to it because the texture was really thick without oil. Tasty though!

Though I've been drinking some red wine during the 30 days, I've been alternating with alcohol-free beers. My favorite brand so far is Untitled Art, and this S'mores Brew is the best one yet! It tasted just like a s'more! I enjoyed this while my dinner was in the oven (and while we watched Good Will Hunting — can you believe I'd never seen it???). 

That dinner was Totally Possible Burgers from the Alzheimer's book! Isn't that a clever name? Don't get me wrong. I love Impossible Burgers, but since this meal plan is all about whole plant foods, these Totally Possible Burgers were a nice alternative.

They're made with black beans, chickpeas, lentils, oat flour, mushrooms, beets, and spices. I love how the beets give them a meaty look. The patties were pan-fried and then baked for a firmer texture. I served them on Ezekiel sprouted buns with red onion, mixed greens, pickled jalapenos, and whole grain mustard. Plus, some sweet potato fries on the side!


Jennifer Bliss said...

That beer sounds interesting. I remember years ago we had a "Salted Pretzel" Beer here and I LOVED it but - of course - it was limited and they didn't do it again. Figures. THe chickpea omelette is something I should really try again. It's been too long!

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