Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Raw Girls Cookies!

I've recently discovered my new favorite Memphis treat! A couple weeks ago, Raw Girls — a Memphis vegan restaurant chain with two food trucks and a brick-and-mortar place downtown — posted about their special holiday cookies. I love Raw Girls because their food is super-healthy and always vegan, and they've been doing the vegan thing in Memphis since before it was cool here. Despite the name, it's not all raw, but you'll find plenty of raw options (the raw crackers with hummus and the raw taco salad are my favorite things to order).

The cookies are not 100% raw or even sugar-free, but they are made with wholesome ingredients, and they're gluten-free. Now, I'm not usually one to go for a gluten-free cookie (or anything gluten-free, except I do have a love for legume pastas). But something about that cookie post just made me want one! 

So right after work, I drove straight to their Cooper Avenue food truck. And sadly, they were sold out. Apparently, everyone had the same idea after that post! But of course, I still needed a cookie. So I got a Peanut Butter Cookie instead. 

I saved this for work the next day, to enjoy with a warm cup of tea. And y'all, that gluten-free peanut butter cookie was the best I've ever had! It was so soft and chewy and peanutty. Yum!

I posted about my cookie on Instagram (and mentioned that it was a happy accident since they were out of the holiday cookie I came for), and the Raw Girls left a comment saying they'd save me a holiday cookie that day! They're so nice!

So, later that day, I went by the truck again and got my holiday cookie. I saved this for work the next day, and again, enjoyed it with a cup of tea. This was sugar cookie perfection. It was also gluten-free, but you'd never know if the package didn't say so. It was everything a sugar cookie should be — soft, chewy, buttery. And vegan! 

I know many of my readers aren't in Memphis, but if you are, don't sleep on these Raw Girls vegan cookies! And if you're passing through Memphis ever, be sure to stop by the Raw Girls truck or shop to try their awesome and healthy food.

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Jennifer Bliss said...

They sound incredible! What a FIND!!!! SO exciting more vegan businesses are popping up!