Friday, December 31, 2021

Christmas with Family & Friends!

Our Christmas celebration started on December 23, when I made the drive to Jonesboro to do gift exchanges with my me-maw and my BFF Sheridan. My parents moved to Cherokee Village, Arkansas, a couple months ago, but my me-maw still lives in my hometown. So my parents and I met in Jonesboro (about an hour drive for both of us) at me-maw's house. 

My mama made Vegan Chicken & Dumplins and Collards. Me-maw made Soup Beans and Corn. And I made Cornbread. Such a perfect Southern dinner!

Mama also made some Vegan Raspberry Bars with graham crust, coconut, and vegan white and dark chocolate. These were SO GOOD!

Mama also made my very favorite dessert — BANANA PUDDIN! Yum! I could have eaten this whole pan. 

After we ate and did gifts, I drove over to Native Brew Works to meet up with Sheridan and Drew. They were already in town for family stuff too. Jonesboro is in a dry county, so the fact that they have a new brewery is BIG. By law, they're not allowed to say what they brew (ha!), and there are all kinds of weird laws around how they can operate. But I'm just so glad they're there!! I tried the Dry County IPA and a small sample pour of the coffee ale. Both were excellent. Would have loved to have tried more, but I had to drive home to Memphis. Here we are in front of the keg tree!

I drove back to Memphis that night, and the next day, Paul and I made the drive to Cherokee Village to hang out with my parents. Maynard came too! He loves his grandma and grandpa.

For Xmas Eve dinner, we had Beyond Burgers and French Fries!

And mama made with Vegan Carob Haystacks with carob, chow mein noodles, and peanuts. I couldn't stay out of these.

We watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and enjoyed some cocktails. My dad makes the best bloody marys, and then we headed to bed.

On Xmas morning, mama made Just Egg, Sausage, and Hash Browns, and I made my favorite Vegan Pancakes. I was so excited that mama had Cocowhip and fresh berries for toppings. I love whipped cream on my pancakes!

After breakfast, we opened presents. I got an outdoor composter, some Jaybird Vista earbuds for running, and lots of sweaters (and money for jean shopping!). We took some pics on my parents' lake dock, and then we headed back to Memphis.

Later that night, we stuck with tradition and got some Chinese takeout from Mulan. I got their Tofu Fried Rice, and we split an order of Fresh Spring Rolls

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! And happy New Year!!!!


Susan said...

Looks like a lovely time for family and friends. :) Glad you still got to see Sheridan!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I am glad that you had a good Christmas, all the food looks delicious. I've been admiring your hair, it looks so pretty! Would you recommend some vegan hair care products? Thanks.

Sri said...

I am loving all the family and friend pics. And I agree - your long locks look lovely. Happy new year!

Bianca said...

Hi Anonymous! THANKS!!!! I use Kevin Murphy hair resort spray for texture, style with a curling wand, and then set with a little more of that spray. Kevin Murphy products are all cruelty free. As for shampoo and conditioner, I just use whatever Sprouts has on sale that's vegan! Ha!