Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Watermelons, Nachos, & Broiche

Juan, the bartender at Global Café in Crosstown Concourse, is making these awesome cocktails using fresh fruit in crazy ways! A couple weeks ago, they came out with a new watermelon cocktail called Sandia Jolly Rancher, and it's served in a hollowed personal-sized watermelon! I had to try it! The cocktail is made with fresh watermelon juice, watermelon vodka, regular vodka, lime, tajin, and is garnished with fresh mint. It tasted as delicious as it looked!

My friend Mary just moved to Virginia, so we had a little going-away gathering for her at RP Tracks. Most of my friends are vaccinated now, so we've started going out to restaurants again. Yay! I ordered my usual BBQ Tofu Nachos minus the cheese, and I brought my own guac in (picked up from Moe's across the street) because they don't serve guac at Tracks. I always get my chips on the side, so I can save some for leftovers.

I saved half my nachos for the next day, and I dressed them up with vegan cheese, fresh avocado and tomato, and Simple Truth jalapeno-cilantro dip. RP Tracks nachos are good on their own, but mine were better!

And here's a Sweet Potato Brioche Cinnamon Roll with cashew cream from LuLu's at the Cooper-Young Farmers Market. This was a lovely pre-run Sunday breakfast!


Sarah said...

OMG that watermelon drink! How fun and I bet it was super refreshing. I have been wanting some fresh, cool watermelon in my life but I feel like it may still be a bit early for it. Those nachos OMG yum! Nachos are one of those meals that I love but always forget about and never make!

Susan said...

That watermelon drink is so cute and looks so refreshing.

Jenny said...

Strangely, whenever I read your blog I have the nagging feeling that I'm living my life all wrong. Why am I not sipping watermelon cocktails from a hollowed out watermelon? Where's my sweet potato brioche cinnamon roll? Well, I guess I'm living vicariously by reading your posts. Everything looks delicious1