Monday, May 24, 2021

Spinach Pie, Veggie Panini, & Savory Scones!

Sorry for the lack of posts last week! My friend Greg came to Memphis for a week-long stay, and we've just been having non-stop fun. But I'm going to catch up on posts this week. Here's one I planned to post last Thursday but just never finished writing.

A couple Saturdays ago, I went to the Cooper Young Farmer's Market for my usual LuLu's treats (which I got), but I also brought home something special —  Vegan Spinach Pie from Memphis Baklava! I pass the Memphis Baklava stand every week, and I've noticed they have several vegan items, but I've just never tried any until now. This Spinach Pie was fantastic! I love anything with phyllo dough. 

I enjoyed my spinach pie with a big salad with the last of my Violife feta and chunks of plain tofu. I love plain tofu on salads. I also had some dolmas on the side.

I also picked up a Savory Loaded Scone at LuLu's booth. This has sweet potato, chard, and cashew cheese. It was SO GOOD. A perfect Saturday afternoon snack.

One day last week (before Greg arrived), I was working at Crosstown Concourse (I've been going into the office occasionally) around lunch time. I decided to grab lunch there and work through lunch since I was cramming a bunch of work in before Greg arrived. I went with the Vegan Panini from Pizzeria Trasimeno. They make their pesto with nooch, and it's loaded with roasted veggies on the softest, most delicious homemade focaccia bread.

And finally, here's some Avo Toast with Tofu. This has been my favorite breakfast lately!

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Sri said...

I hope you had fun times with your friend Greg. I always drool over your posts and I like how you balance indulgences with healthy food.