Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Mother's Day + Mama's Birthday!

My mama turned 67 years old on May 4! She won't mind me telling you her age because she looks amazing (and she knows it!). Since her birthday fell mid-week this year, we decided to combine birthday and Mother's Day into one celebration!

Paul and I went to Arkansas on Sunday to celebrate, and when we arrived, my dad had a build-your-own nacho bar all set up. They had vegan and non-vegan toppings, but of course I made a big ole plate of Vegan Nachos! My dad roasts the nachos in the oven for maximum cheese meltiness. Mine have vegan beef, Daiya, black beans, tomatoes, jalapenos, black olives, corn, onion, Tofutti sour cream, and my dad's fantastic homemade guac and salsa. I forgot the salsa for this pic, but I added some later.

My daddy also made his Refried Pinto Beans and Spanish Rice. Both were perfect! I need to get his rice recipe because it was perfectly textured.

For dessert, my mama made our favorite Peanut Butter Pie. She usually makes this vegan and keto, but this time, she just went vegan and used real sugar. The keto version is good, but this was much better! You can't beat real sugar. It has a peanut butter cream cheese base, and it's so delicious.

I got her some new hand weights for home workouts and some microwavable bowl warmers (life-changing gadget!) for her birthday, and for Mother's Day, I got her a bottle of merlot from a winery we visited in Chattanooga and some Memphis-made, all-natural margarita mix. Paul got her a giant bottle of tequila, so she's stocked on booze for awhile. Here we are in a Mother's Day pic! I think I've worn this "Bacon Had a Mom" shirt every Mother's Day for a decade!

I love my mama!!! She the kindest, most dependable, most affable woman I know, and she's a lot of fun! She loves live music, cowboy boots, dancing, and riding motorcycles with my dad. She's an amazing cook, a talented interior painter, and she's the kind of person who can do a million things and make it look easy. Love you, Mama!


Anonymous said...

Your mom is so beautiful! You are so lucky to have parents so supportive of your vegan lifestyle! Any chance you would be willing to share the recipe for that wonderful looking peanut butter pie?

Hillary said...

Your mom is so gorgeous! You look like her,especially the eyes!
Happy birthday Mama Crunk!

Bianca said...

Hey Anonymous, I can ask my mom for it!! I should do a post on that soon! And thanks Hillary!

Susan said...

Happy birthday and happy mother's day to your mum!