Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Go Get This Sandwich at The Backlot!

If you live in Memphis (or within driving distance), you NEED to go to The Backlot Sandwich Shop and TRY THIS SANDWICH. The Backlot is a new downtown sandwich shop, and they have a Vegan Red Reuben special going on today through the week (while supplies last), and it's the best thing ever.

I drove downtown for my lunch break today to try this. My friend Greg was heading out after lunch, so we had this one final meal together before he hit the road back to Kentucky. The vegan reuben has smoked and roasted celeriac root standing in for the corned beef, and it just blew my mind. I'd never had celeriac root before! It takes on the whatever flavor you season it with, and it really tastes like corned beef!

The sandwich also has vegan Swiss and vegan aioli, plus Backlot's house-made red cabbage kraut. Greg and I both really enjoyed this sandwich (and Greg normally doesn't even like kraut!).

The reuben is available for a limited time, but if it sells well, they may add this to the regular menu. So let's go support vegan options and make that happen! The Backlot is located at 265 S Front (entrance on MLK). 


Cadry's Kitchen said...

That sounds amazing! I love when people get creative with the fillings of a vegan reuben. I've never seen a celeriac version on a menu. I wish I lived close enough to try it!

Susan said...

This sounds incredible!