Thursday, February 25, 2021

Dinner with the Parents!

Since I was snowed-in alone for days, I decided to turn my involuntary "snow quarantine" into a full-on Covid quarantine and visit my parents. So I stayed home a few more days, and then I took Wednesday off work and drove to Arkansas for a quick dinner trip.

Plus, it's tax time, and my dad always helps me do my taxes! We got the boring tax stuff out of the way first, and then my parents made me the most awesome vegan dinner. My dad made Lentil Burgers using a recipe he found online (these have lentils, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and some other stuff I can't remember). My mom and I topped ours with Chao cheese (my dad went with dairy cheese), and we all had vegan coleslaw on our burgers.

On the side, my dad made some Turnip Fries. My parents are doing keto (when I'm not around and convincing them to eat vegan food with me), so my dad has been making these turnip fries often as a sub for carbier potatoes. You just slice turnips up into fries, season however you want, and fry in the air fryer until crisp. They're really good!

My mom made us some Fried Green Tomatoes using my recipe from Cookin' Crunk. It was nice to have a little fried treat with our otherwise very healthy, whole food-based meal!

I'm so lucky to have two parents who are excellent vegan cooks!


VanessaKC said...

Looks great! Especially the fried green tomatoes. I also want to thank you for turning me on to the eat the rainbow app. I love it and use daily. Rainbows are not achieved daily, but I’m sure that’ll work out come summer. For now, it’s close!

Hillary said...

I really need to try fried green tomatoes!
You really are lucky, you have the best parents and their food always looks incredible!!

Susan said...

What a great dinner, I am really intrigued by turnip fries.