Monday, February 8, 2021

SuperBowl Snacks!

Just a quick post tonight to share what I ate for last night's SuperBowl! I'm not a football fan. The game moves too slowly for my taste. I much prefer basketball (or even soccer). But I never miss the SuperBowl. It's mostly an excuse to eat tasty snacks, and I love the commercials and halftime show. Last night, I put together this little snack plate with Field Roast Fruffalo Wings and Mini Corn Dogs, Imagine Vegan Cafe ranch for dippin, Wholly Guacamole Pico Guac, and my dad's homemade salsa.

That guacamole was on sale at Cash Saver for 38 cents! I got three! They don't expire until February 23, so I figure I can eat three tubs of guac by then. 

Here's Paul and I, ready for snack time!

As for the game, I was a little disappointed that the Kansas City Chiefs lost because Tom Brady has too many SuperBowl wins under his belt. But I thought The Weeknd's halftime show was AMAZING, and I'm loving all The Weeknd memes on Twitter today. The Weeknd is pretty much my favorite artist right now, and I loved his whole set. He played everything I wanted him to! As for commercials, I thought Drake from State Farm and that David Levy M&M's commercial were the best.


Jenny said...

Yes! The snacks were the best part of that game for sure. We had vegan pigs in blankets, buffalo cauliflower, vegan cheese-y bread, and of course chips and guac. I want a Superbowl meal every Sunday!

Hillary said...

Yum, I love snacky meals like that! I need to try the mini corn dogs now that I'm having gluten.
Tom Brady does have so many wins!!!