Monday, February 1, 2021

Focaccia Friday! Spinach Dip! Valentine's Chocolates!

Pizzeria Trasimeno in Crosstown Concourse has a deal where you can get two pizzas and a six-pack of Crosstown Brewing Co. beer (brewed on-site!!) for just $30. So Paul and I planned a date night at Trasimeno last Friday. I got my usual Pizza del Giardino, their vegan cheese-free pie that's loaded with veggies and balsamic reduction. This is usually piled high with arugula, but I always order mine with no arugula because arugula is yucky. 

Paul got a pepperoni pizza, so I'll spare you the meat pic. And we got Siren Blonde Ale for our six-pack. We had a few beers there and took the rest home for later. 

They've also just added a new Focaccia Fridays deal where you can add an order of four slices of focaccia to your order for just $1!! Of course, we did that too!

By the way, Trasimeno is not open for dine-in, but you can take your meal anywhere inside Concourse to enjoy. I don't feel comfortable with indoor dining at most places, but Concourse is a massive 14-story former Sears warehouse with massive ceilings and atria cut-outs that go all the way to the roof. This makes social distancing much easier than in a traditional restaurant space, so I feel okay about eating there.

Curb Market in Crosstown Concourse has started carrying Imagine Vegan Cafe's Spinach Artichoke Dip, so I grabbed some to a few days ago to have at home for snacks. I had some as part of my lunch on Friday, with LuLu's baguette for scooping.

And finally, a very special delivery arrived at my house on Saturday. My dad always picks me out some vegan Valentine's chocolates from Vegan Essentials, and this year, he selected Sjaak's Coconut Milk Truffles and a Sjaak's Almond Butter Heart! I've already gotten into the truffles, and they are so creamy and coconutty. I'm saving the almond butter heart for Valentine's Day. Thanks Papa Crunk!

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