Thursday, February 11, 2021


On New Year’s Day, I started a point system where I get a point every time I do one of the healthy habits associated with my New Year’s resolutions to stay in marathon shape, do yoga EVERY DAY, eat the rainbow every day, take online cooking classes or MasterClasses, KonMari my space, strength train, and foam roll. Every time I get to 100 points, I get a special treat! 

I'm currently taking Wellness Warrior Training classes (one of my New Year's goals was to take a new online course every two months), and hosts Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen are really big on the importance of rewarding yourself — whether it's with a vegan dessert or a big trip across the world. And I love that idea! I reached my first 100 points last week, so I treated myself to a slice of Imagine Vegan Cafe's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake!

They put out new cheesecakes every week, and I always see them on their Instagram and drool. But I know from experience that this is a serious dessert that's very filling and very rich. Some might suggest just eating a few bites and saving the rest for later. But no — that's not how I do. If I'm eating cheesecake, I'm eating the whole damn slice. So I saved this for a reward, and it tasted so much better than if I'd just grabbed a slice on any old day.

The rewards won't always be food! I've also got shopping trips, spa nights, and even some camping and day trips lined up as rewards.

To keep score, I downloaded the Tally Counter app, a simple iPhone app that lets you create categories and give yourself points. Here's a snapshot from today!

I'm also using a great free app called Eat the Rainbow to track the colors of my food. You just enter any whole foods you eat, and it creates a rainbow as you eat all the colors each day. I love tracking things, and I used to track calories (a very unhealthy habit that I finally broke!). This app, which is totally vegan (no animal foods are included!), allows me to track food without obsessing over calories or macros or anything like that. It literally just counts colors! Here's a shot from today. As you can see, I failed to eat anything orange yesterday!


Holly said...

These are really good ideas! I am going to check out the apps.

hope andrea said...
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