Thursday, December 1, 2016

Autumn Harvest Yogurt Bowl (and a Bonus Smoothie Recipe!)

So Delicious sent me some samples of their sweetened and unsweetened coconut yogurts to use in holiday-themed recipes. I'm slowly working my way through the yogurts, and I wanted to check in and share a couple quick and easy recipes.

If you're not familiar with So Delicious coconut yogurt, it's basically the best. The sweetened varieties come in several flavors, but the best ones — in my opinion — are the Plain and Vanilla. They're the most versatile for use in recipes, and they're amazing on their own with fruit, nuts, and granola. They're smooth and creamy, unlike some other vegan coconut yogurts that tend to be chunkier.

I used the Vanilla Yogurt Alternative (as they call it) to create this awesome Autumn Harvest Yogurt Bowl. I've been eating these bowls for breakfast all week, and they're just so good.

The recipe is simple: 1/2 cup So Delicious Vanilla Yogurt Alternative, 1 apple (diced), 1/2 tsp. cinnamon, 1/3 cup granola (I use Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola because it's the BEST), 1 tbsp. toasted pepitas, and 1 tbsp. cranberry sauce.

You could sub dried cranberries for the sauce, but if you're like me, you have lots of leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving. And this is a perfect use for it! The smoothness of the yogurt, the sweetness of the apple, the nuttiness of the seeds and granola, and the tartness of the cranberry combine to create an explosion of fall flavor. Seriously, make this bowl.

Another super-easy recipe that I've created using the Plain Yogurt Alternative is this Banana & Spirulina Protein Smoothie.

Yogurt adds a creamy richness and tanginess (plus plenty of probiotics!) to a smoothie. I've been adding a scoop of yogurt to most of my post-run protein smoothies lately, but this combo has become a favorite.

The single-serving smoothie contains 1 cup almond milk, 1 frozen banana, 1/2 cup So Delicious Plain Yogurt Alternative, 1 tsp. spirulina, and 1 scoop of Vega One Natural or French Vanilla protein powder.

Watch for more yogurt reviews soon! I'll be creating recipes with the So Delicious unsweetened plain and vanilla varieties soon.


Sarah said...

That autumn harvest bowl is beautiful!! I'm definitely going to have to give that a try, it looks and sounds absolutely delicious!

Trixie said...

Thanks for these recipes, both look delicious!!