Wednesday, December 7, 2016

More Stuff I Ate

I'm back with some more random meals!

We had our monthly Vegan Drinks meetup at Cheffie's Cafe last week. It's a salad/sandwich shop where you can build your own ginormous salads! I scheduled Drinks there since I figured we'd all need a post-Thanksgiving reset. But then I put all kinds of fatty craziness on my giant salad (mixing bowl-sized!) like fried onions, a metric ton of kalamata olives, and oil-packed sundried tomatoes. Oh well! It was tasty, and I ate every bite. There was also about a 1/2 cup of roasted red pepper hummus, chickpeas, red and green bell peppers, and black bean-corn salsa. And lemon vinaigrette. Delicious!

I've been eating lots of quick meals lately, one of which was this yummy Soy Curl Taco Bowl. I didn't follow a recipe. Just sauteed some Soy Curls, portabellas, and spinach in a little taco seasoning and served atop brown rice. Topped with Daiya shreds, Tofutti sour cream, and cherry tomatoes.

An even quicker meal — frozen Whole Foods Bean & Rice Burrito with Daiya Cheddar, Salsa Verde, and Vegan Sour Cream.

One night a couple weeks back, the Crosstown Community Development Corporation board, which I serve on, held a monthly meeting at Phuong Long. I ordered the Garlic Tofu — fried tofu cubes, carrots, peppers, onions, and broccoli coated in a garlic sauce.

I love, love, love the Lenny & Larry's White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies. They're packed with 16 grams of protein, so they make a great excuse to eat cookies for breakfast. I had this one (and an apple) after a run last week. I'm currently on a running break until next week while I recover from the marathon.

Speaking of cookies, Mike baked me some Vegan Snickerdoodles. He bakes me cookies every year around the holidays, and his snickerdoodles are excellent. And just in time for National Cookie Day last Sunday.

A really yummy – albeit poorly photographed — breakfast this week — Gardein Eggless Breakfast Pocket (stuffed with Vegan Egg, vegan sausage, Daiya, roasted red peppers, and spinach) with steamed sweet potato and sauteed spinach. Grapes on the side.

Imagine Vegan Cafe has some new menu items, and I'm working my way through them. One is this amazing Vegan Grilled Cheese made with Teese, tomato, and spinach. It's so perfect. They use way more butter than I feel comfortable using at home.

I got that grilled cheese as takeout last night with a side of Imagine's Black Bean Chili — also topped with Teese. Perfect on a cold, cold late fall evening. Enjoyed while watching The Crown on Netflix.


Hillary said...

Another drool worthy post! I only got to try teese cheese once, and I really loved it. I wonder why it's almost impossible to find at stores?
Your salad also looks amazing! I always feel like salads made by someone else are better than my own, that and sandwiches!

Bianca said...

Vegan Peace, sadly, Teese is no longer available for consumer purchase. :-( They only sell in bulk to restaurants (or, well, I guess anyone willing to buy in bulk). It's so good though! I do miss being able to purchase small amounts of it! But I'm glad Imagine uses it in their dishes. Totally agree on salads — the exact same salad made at home wouldn't taste as good.

Unknown said...

I would love to attend the next Vegan Drink meetup. How can I receive updates on the next one?

Unknown said...

That salad place sounds really amazing...! I love a ginormous salad, and the more olives the better if you ask me.
Imagine cafe seems to have imagined the perfect wintery cold night meal with that grilled cheese and chili- i have yet to find a decent vegan grilled cheese so you're really lucky!
I went through a lenny and larry's phase for a while (peanut butter for me) and actually had the best price i could find if you're looking to buy a box