Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Stuff I Ate

It's time for another two-day installment of "stuff I ate" — my monthly series of random meal pics.

My friend Pam just got a job in Midtown, not far from where I work/live. So we decided we'll start lunching a couple days of the work week each month. For our first lunch, we went to Fuel Cafe, home of the best Veggie Burger in Memphis (IMO, anyway). Fuel has lots of vegan options (including a vegan-style TV dinner!!), but we were in the mood for burgers. Here's mine topped with Chao (I'm so glad they have Chao now!).

On the side, I got the Roasted Roots (sweet potato, red potato, and carrot), and Pam got the Roasted Brussels Sprouts. Then we split each.

On the last Wednesday of each month, my office brings in a catered lunch for our weekly staff meetings. They always make sure we have vegan/vegetarian options since a couple of us are vegan (and a bunch are vegetarian). Last time, we had a salad bar with toppings from Midtown Crossing Grill. I made this big ole salad. The dinner rolls they brought were yeasty and amazing.

Breakfast one day last week was Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Waffles with homemade PB syrup. I made the syrup by mixing PB2 (the powdered peanut butter) with maple syrup. Vegan sausage on the side.

I'm trying to eat as much processed food as possible before embarking on a January reset eating plan! I had a Tofurky BBQ Chick'n Pizza in the freezer. Enjoyed a couple nights ago with extra BBQ sauce and salad.

And here's a yummy Saturday morning ramen bowl made with Annie Chun's Miso Udon, baked tofu, and canned veggies. Quick and easy!


Unknown said...

Ooh, peanut butter powder in the maple syrup? Sounds yummy! How much did you use, and how did it turn out?

Hillary said...

As usual serious food envy! That burger looks amazing, and everything is better with Chao!

Bianca said...

Hey Unknown, it was a few days ago, so I'm not TOTALLY sure. But I think I mixed 2 Tbsp. PB2 with 1 Tbsp. maple syrup?? Something like that! It was great! Will definitely do it again.

Tea and Sympatico said...

I love the idea of a retox before a detox! We have a good veggie cafe called Fuel near where I live too.

foodfeud said...

Yr ramen always looks delicious but I really want to try that pizza!

Anonymous said...

ALERT. Miyoko's cultured butter is no available at Trader Joes for $4!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I really need a new jar of PB2... i love using it for sweet or savory sauces, and for a while there i was making an almond milk hot chocolate with some pb2 added which was kind of decadent but actually very nutritious too!
All pizza needs salad. And extra bbq sauce.

Susan said...

The Tofurky Pizzas have just come back into stock here in Australia, so I am excited because I remember enjoying them and it has been a couple of years since we had them!
I like your 'processed food before January' commitment. ;)