Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April Goddess Provisions Box!

I subscribe to the Goddess Provisions box, a monthly grab-bag box of magical vegan awesomeness (from the same folks who bring you Vegan Cuts beauty and snack boxes), and every month, I share pics of that month's box. Most boxes are filled with at least one crystal, a perfume or essential oil blend, a vegan snack or tea, and sometimes a beauty product or two.

Here's what was in April's box! The theme this month was "Free Sprit."

There were Laughing Giraffe Organics Matcha Snakaroons, Good Medicine Beauty Lab perfume in "Free," a Pixie Mood faux leather and cork card holder, an amethyst cluster, and Eye of Horus liquid eyeliner.

The crystals are always my favorite part of the box, and this month's crystal was hands-down the best one in all of the boxes so far! I've been a subscriber since the company launched last October, and this is the largest, most beautiful crystal to be included in any box. This month, some subscribers got a fluorite wand and others got an amethyst cluster. I'm glad I got this lovely cluster for protection, peace, and tranquility!

The Pixie Mood card holder was so needed! I'm the world's worst at remembering to carry my business cards. Now I can carry them in style, and there are extra pockets for stashing other people's cards.

The Eye of Horus liquid liner was pretty exciting. I've been using e.l.f. liquid liner for a few years now, and I've gotten pretty good at applying liner with a brush. But this liquid is more of a fine-tipped marker. It's been an adjustment trying to figure out how to apply it correctly, but I'm getting the hang of it. 

I absolutely LOVE the "Free" perfume by Good Medicine. It has hints of vanilla, tobacco, rosewood, cinnamon, and ginger, and it really has that "free spirit" scent to it. 

The matcha coconut macaroons are raw, organic, and of course, vegan. They're made with a base of coconut flakes and cacao butter, and they're sweetened with agave nectar. I found out on Monday afternoon that they're pretty much perfect pre-run snacks. I popped two before an afternoon run, and they powered me through almost five miles. They have a strong coconut flavor with just a tiny hint of matcha.

Love these boxes so much! They're $33 a month, and you always get all full-sized items (no sample sizes in this box!). If you want to subscribe, use this link and I'll make a couple bucks (I'm a Goddess Provisions/Vegan Cuts ambassador). Also, Goddess Provisions has the BEST Instagram ever. I check it nightly because all the pics of crystals and unicorns and mandalas make me happy.


Sarah said...

That crystal is GORGEOUS!! I love that they include crystals in the box. The snackaroons look really yummy too :)

foodfeud said...

I just bought a vegan cuts box the other day that I recieved today and i forgot how fun they were to unpack.
Definitely have thought about subscribing to this one, love all the sweet stuff you get.