Monday, February 16, 2015

Veggin' Out: The Results Show

Remember back in October when three of my friends and I took turns hosting dinner parties and filmed them for a reality show webisode competition? If you don't, you can catch up here, here, here, here, and here.

But basically, we're doing an American vegan spin on the British dinner party reality show, Come Dine With Me. On the show, four strangers each take turns hosting a three-course dinner party at their house for the four of them. After each dinner, the three guests who didn't host score the party on a scale of one to 10. The host with the highest score wins.

And that's what we did, only without the stranger part since we all know one another. And of course, everything was vegan! Anyway, we're calling our show Veggin' Out, and even though we wrapped up filming in October, editing is hard work! I mean, I'm not doing any of that. But our friends Megan, Joey, and Stephen have been busy editing over the past few months, in their spare time between their real jobs.

Last night, we gathered at Megan's house to film the results show! The winner was revealed, and we got to film our reactions. I'm sworn to secrecy, but you'll find out soon when the shows are uploaded to YouTube. Here's Megan with the results in an envelope, between takes. Reality show secret: Sometimes we film things more than once to get it right!

We didn't do a dinner party for the results show, but can't gather without food! So we had a potluck. Megan made a ton of stuff since we were at her house. She made some of the best Buffalo Cauliflower ever! And we had a vat of Imagine Vegan Cafe's ranch dressing for dipping.

And she made Vegan Rotel Dip! She made so much that she ended up sending us all home with some. Yay for leftover snacks!

She also recreated the Tostones with Spicy Aioli that she made for her dinner party back in October. These were hands-down my favorite dish out of everyone's dinner parties. Fried plantains are just the greatest!

And if that wasn't enough, Megan also made Pigs In Blankets. I've been eating a lot of these lately, and I will never tire of them.

Stephanie brought Pizza Rolls! These are like cinnamon rolls, but instead, they're savory and stuffed with Daiya mozzarella, marinara, and Tofurky Italian Sausage. Yum! Ooh, and there's that big ole bowl of vegan ranch creepin' in the corner. I could eat that whole bowl by itself with a spoon. No shame.

I brought Bell Pepper & Pea Party Frittatas from Keep It Vegan. More on these in a review post of the book later this week!

And it's not a party without cake, right? Stephanie brought some leftover Valentine's cupcakes — chocolate kalua, lavender vanilla, rosewater almond, strawberry champagne, and lemon drop. I had a lemon drop one because lemon!

And Pam ordered a dozen Peach Bellini Cupcakes from Cassi's new Pink Diva Cupcakery business. Those arrived a little late, so I failed to photograph them there. But here's a picture of the bellini cupcakes at Cassi's pop-up shop a couple weeks ago.

Alright, well stay tuned for more details about Veggin' Out. I promise to let y'all know as soon as they shows are ready!


Amey said...

So cute! I love that you and your buddies have put some much effort into this fun idea and doing it RIGHT. Also, that pot luck food looks pretty right on. You have good friends!

Archi said...

Frittatas..YUM. Reading this makes me miss my friends even more! Our last potluck was few years back.

The Preppy Vegan said...

My mouth is seriously watering at the thought of buffalo cauliflower and ranch! I say this because last week I got some balsamic cauliflower from a local vegan restaurant and proceeded to eat the leftovers out of the fridge for the next few days before Patrick could get to them. Woops. Can't wait to see the show!

Susan said...

I am really looking forward to seeing this when it is all finished. :D