Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Vegan Drinks: Thai Edition (Plus Cupcakes!)

Before I get started on this recap of our January Memphis Vegan Drinks meet-up, I have a fun cupcake announcement! My friend Cassi, who as readers of the blog may remember, was working on opening a vegan restaurant called Pink Noodle. Well, the Universe works in strange ways, and she's found her true calling. It's not noodles. It's vegan cupcakes.

A sampling of Cassi's cake: Peach Bellini, Candy Cane, Whiskey Mini Cake, and Unicorn Glitter!

Cassi has launched her cupcake delivery business, Pink Diva Cupcakery. She does special orders, and she often sells her cakes at Imagine Vegan Cafe. And this weekend, she's having a pop-up shop at Co-Motion Studio (the studio where I take hula-hoop classes!) in Crosstown. The Pink Diva Cupcakery Pop-Up is on Sunday, Feb. 8th from 2:30 to 5 p.m. at 416 N. Cleveland (next to the Hi-Tone). Regular cupcakes are $3, and "happy hour" cupcakes (alcohol-infused) are $5. Here's the event info. And here's her online store where you can order anytime.

If you're not local, sorry for the tease! I'll eat a cupcake (or five) for you. How's that? Speaking of local, our little Vegan Drinks club has been meeting up every month for happy hour for about a year and a half now! We had our last meeting this past Friday at Bangkok Alley downtown.

Some folks started with Salad Rolls. 

They looked nice and fat, and I almost ordered some. Until I saw Steven's Thai Rice Balls with Curry Sauce.

These were balls of white rice, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. And the curry sauce was amazing! They assured us these were vegan. Apparently, they used to use cheese in them, but they stopped awhile back. And although most of their curry sauces contain fish sauce, this one does not.

It was Vegan Drinks, after all. So of course, we had to booze it up. I started with a Sam Adams Winter Lager because, during happy hour, beers are $2. I couldn't pass that up.

But I was really craving red wine, so after my beer, I had a happy hour glass of pinot noir. Only $4. Still not bad!

Of course Cassi and Pam ordered the frou-frou cocktails. Pam liked this because it was called a Phu-ket Island or something along those lines. Just read that aloud like it looks. You'll get it.

Nicole also had some fruity drink, but I can't remember what. I should take notes during these things.

For my entree, I had agreed to split a Tofu Pad See Ew with Susan. After eating appetizers and drinking calories, it seemed like the smartest thing to do. But I was HANGRY. And when this plate arrived, I wanted it all to myself! So we ended up both ordered our own. And then I straight up cleaned my plate. Ate every bite. Loved this rice noodle and fried tofu dish! Will probably be my new Bangkok Alley go-to.

Until next time, cheers!


Susan said...

Yum! Pad See Ew is my absolute favourite Thai dish!

vegan.in.brighton said...

Pad See Ew is my favourite Thai dish too! I feel pretty lucky to have been eating in in Thailand recently. The summer rolls look fab too as do the fancy cocktails.

Renard Moreau said...

[ Smiles ] Oh my goodness, look at all those vegan delicacies.

I would have been in vegan heaven if I was there.

Kayla said...

Those cupcakes look DELICIOUS. If I ever get sent to Memphis for work, I'm just going to order a dozen and eat all of them while I'm there. And order more to bring home. Happy hour cupcakes are BRILLIANT. Good luck with building your business, Cassi!