Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Stuff I Ate

I haven't done a round-up of random meals since before my January cleanse! Since that ended in late January, I actually haven't eaten all that much that I haven't already blogged about. But I did manage to scrounge up a few pics on my phone.

For one thing, I've been eating my breakfasts in bowls these days. Loving the Earnest Eats American Blend Hot 'n' Fit Cereal that came in my Vegan Cuts December snack box! The oat mix has pepitas, almonds, sunflower seeds, cranberries, brown sugar, and lots of other goodies already mixed in. I added Bee-Free Honee and blackberries. And on the side, there's Amy's Meatless Veggie Sausages.

Those oats were delicious. But these pictured below were not. I've been reading online about folks putting protein powder in their oatmeal. So I tried it. Yuck! I'll never do this again. It was way too thick and weird. I'll keep my protein powder for my smoothies, thanks.

Also loving Kashi Indigo Morning Gluten-Free Cornflakes! I'm not gluten-free, but I prefer some cereals and pastas to be gluten-free because I think they have a better texture. Cornflakes are one of those things. On the side, there's a Simple Truth Organic Meatless Breakfast Patty and a banana.

For quick dinners, I've been enjoying Simple Truth Organic Meatless Crispy Patties with Terrapin Ridge Pineapple Habanero Sauce and Sriracha, Steamed Kale, and Vegan Mac & Cheese.

And Field Roast Hand-Formed Burgers with Tomato Cayenne Chao Cheese on Ezekiel buns. Omg. If you haven't had the Field Roast burgers or cheese, go to Whole Foods right now and STOCK UP! BEST THING EVER.

I've been eating out a little, too. One day, after teaching an Engine 2 class at Whole Foods, I got this Tofu Peanut Bowl with Veggies and Brown Rice from the Wok Street kiosk.

Last Friday, I met up with some folks from the Memphis Vegan Dineouts & Potlucks Meetup group at Deja Vu Creole & Vegetarian Restaurant. Ordered my favorite Mock Chicken Salad Sandwich.

And sides of Roasted Garlic Potatoes and Grilled Cabbage.

I also dined at 3 Angels on Broad last week with my friend Pat. They're under new ownership, and they've revamped their menu. It seems to be a tad less vegan-friendly than before, but they do have these delicious Tofu Angel Wraps now (panko tofu with carrot slaw and soy sauce).


Anonymous said...

I mix protein powder in with my oats. I guess I've gotten use to the texture, it does make it thick and gloopy almost like I'm just eating a bowl of cake batter -which actually sounds pretty gross! but I like getting the extra protein and BCAA's in with my breakfast.

Barb@ThatWasVegan? said...

I rarely buy cereal, but those Kashi cornflakes look amazeballs! And I'm totally addicted to the Simple Truth sausage patties. I've been eating them for dinner some nights on a fried bagel with a slice of daiya cheddar and some maple syrup on top :)