Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thrive Forward, Days 13 and 14

I have two days worth of Thrive Forward cleanse food to show you since I used yesterday's post to review some delicious chai. Let's see.

Tuesday started off with a Mango Coconut Energy Bar and a short run on the treadmill. It's too cold out there to run outside!! We had an "ice storm" on Tuesday, which turned out to just be cold rain. But in the South, when it's cold and wet, people freak out and stock their pantries as if they were prepping for the apocalypse.

But anyway, before the cold rain began falling, I had another Orange Energy Smoothie with Vega. Around 11 a.m., I snacked on some Carrots and Hummus. And then my lunch was a new recipe — South of the Border Coleslaw from Thrive Foods:

This is basically cabbage and carrots coated in a cilantro cashew cream. Simple and delicious. And made even better with a dash (or five) of Frank's Red Hot. My slaw was filling, but it started to wear off around 2 p.m. or so. By then, we'd been sent home from work before the impending doom of freezing rain. I had some Curry Lentil Crackers with the last of my Sweet Pepper Hemp Pesto (both from Thrive):

The crackers, one of several cracker recipes in Thrive, were really yummy! They're made with lentil sprouts, chickpea flour, curry powder, and ground sunflower seeds. All that stuff is processed into a paste, spread on a baking sheet, and baked at a low temp until crisp.

Dinner last night was more Red Lentil Dal with avocado and tomatoes.

On Wednesday morning (this morning), I had another Mango Coconut Energy Bar before my weight lifting session. Then I had a new breakfast recipe — Garlic Oregano Yam Oven Fries with homemade Ketchup:

Now, it might sound strange to have garlic sweet potato fries for breakfast (and yes, I used sweet potatoes instead of yams, because those are hard to find around here). But it's actually a suggested breakfast recipe in Brenden Brazier's meal plans in Thrive. I'll take any excuse to have sweet potato fries coated in garlic, oregano, and ground pumpkin seeds for breakfast! These were delicious, and they were even better dipped into the homemade ketchup (made with fresh tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, hemp oil, apple cider vinegar, and dates).

My morning snack today was more Curry Lentil Crackers, but with hummus this time. Lunch was more coleslaw, and my afternoon snack was another Kale Calcium Boost Smoothie (kale, banana, 2 dates, flax, and tahini).

For dinner, I went to my usual Wednesday night spot — Imagine Vegan Cafe. I ordered the Veggie Plate with Black Beans, Brown Rice, Guacamole, Broccoli, and Sauteed Spinach:

I prefer to eat fake meat when I dine at Imagine, but since I'm off processed food until February 2nd, I had to go with the veggie plate. Nonetheless, it was really tasty. Kind of like a deconstructed burrito.


Caitlin said...

i LOVE those oregano and pumpkin seed coats sweet potatoes. i eat them on a regular basis. i love that you cut them really thin to look like fries. i make mine more into wedges, and they are really good that way, too!

T said...

Those fries look amazing! What a cool idea to have pumpkin seed coating! Yum

Rachel from The Vegan Mishmash said...

Fries for breakfast sounds like a great idea to me...especially with ketchup!!!