Monday, December 19, 2011

Xmas at Me-Maw's

Every year on the weekend before Xmas, my mom's side of the family gathers at my Me-Maw's for an early holiday celebration. Although my Granny (my dad's mom) is famous on my blog for veganizing everything, my Me-Maw doesn't carry nearly as much for cooking and isn't so interested in learning to veganize.

But that's okay because my mom always makes me special vegan dishes to eat at Me-Maw's. This year, she made me an Asparagus, Rice, & Cheese Casserole using Daiya cheese. It was like a broccoli rice casserole, but with asparagus instead:

And she made another Hash Brown Casserole, which was my favorite dish this past Thanksgiving. Hash browns, mama's homemade cream of celery soup, Daiya cheese, and soy butter all baked together. Yum! It's topped with potato chips rather than the traditional cornflakes because we like it better that way:

Every year, my mama makes me a special batch of Vegan Dressin', the same stuff we eat at Thanksgiving. I only get her famous cornbread dressin' twice a year, and even though the two holidays are close together, I don't mind. Mama's dressin' is the best on the planet:

And there was Corn and Peppers with Earth Balance:

Mama also made a vegan cherry pie for dessert, but I scarfed my slice down before I remembered to take a photograph.

After lunch, we opened gifts. Me-Maw gave me a cute blue cardigan, which I wore today. And then we started a new tradition. I was desperately in need of a haircut, so I asked my cousin Melissa to bring along her hair supplies. After she trimmed my hair, my cousin's girlfriend Anna asked Melissa for a cut. And then Me-Maw said she needed one too:

And finally my cousin Kile got in line:

By the end of the evening, we all had full bellies and fabulous new haircuts. I see a new tradition in the works. From this year on, Xmas haircuts all around ... well, so long as Melissa agrees to it.


Caitlin said...

i love the comfort food at your me-maw's holiday dinner!

Babette said...

The rice casserole looks great. It's funny how everyone got a hair cut =)

Anonymous said...

Your Mama is AWESOME! I love how she makes all that vegan food for you, so sweet. My mom is vegetarian, but hates to cook, so I don't get that special treatment. You're one lucky vegan!

Anonymous said...

Love all the comfort food at your me-maws. Can't wait for your cookbook to come out so I can try your mamas dressin recipe! Your Me-maw looks cute getting her hair cut.

urban vegan said...

What a fun gathering! And how nice of your mom to make you vegan chow :)

Amey said...

Yay! I love the family haircuts! So cute!