Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bluff City Vegan Eats: Slider Inn

Heh heh, I said "slider inn." Get it? That's the clever name of a fairly new Memphis slider joint. They offer a menu filled with various types of sliders, including a pretty tasty Vegan Slider:

My parents and I ate there on the night after Xmas, and though I'd tried the vegan sliders at a charity event where Slider Inn had catered, I'd never ordered them in the restaurant.

For around $10, you get three large sliders and a large serving of some of the best damn fries in town. The vegan patty is made from brown rice, black beans, beets, jalapeno, and onions, and the burger is topped with sprouts and avocado. They hold together well, and the patty is a nice size for the fluffy slider roll. The avocado is a perfect touch (y'all know how vegans love their avocado!), and the sprouts make me feel all healthy-like.

As for the flavor, I think the patty could use a touch more salt. I brought two of my three patties home, and when I re-heated them, I spritzed them with a little Bragg's. And then they were perfect!

As for the fries, well, I've tried a lot of French fries in this town, and I think I'm qualified to say these are in the top five best in Memphis. I love skinny fries, and these are seasoned with a hint of sugar, which really complements the saltiness.

If you're in the mood for a tiny burger, Slider Inn is probably the only place in Memphis offering vegan sliders. And like I said, add a few sprinkles of salt and you've yourself one fine little patty.

Slider Inn is located at 2117 Peabody Ave. Call 901-725-1155.


Sasha Cohen said...

I need to go to Memphis!!

Chef Amber Shea said...

Slider Inn...heh...hehe...heh.

Thank you for spelling "complement" correctly! Sorry, I just had to say that.

Anonymous said...

Those would hit the spot right about now. Like how they gave you three "large sliders." What's the diff between a large slider and a full on sandwich?
Happy new year!

Ali - YumVeggieBurger said...

yum! those look great, not a bad deal for $10!

Sheridan said...

Ooooh! Yummy! Just another restaurant to add to the growing list of places we must visit on my next trip to Memphis! Which I'm thinking needs to be SOON!

Just Us said...

Those sliders look yummy!
I vow to get to Memphis more often in 2012... :o) With that being said, I'm adding this to my list of places to eat.

tender b. said...

What I wouldn't give from some vegan sliders!

SJ said...

i LOVE that you find this shit! I'm excited to go here!!