Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Oh wait, those are Maria's favorite things in The Sound of Music. My bad. Although I am quite fond of whiskers on kittens.

Tonight, I ate a few of my favorite condiments for dinner: Miso Mayo, Leahey Gardens Vegan Cheese Sauce, and Sriracha. Not alone, silly. Well, I have been known to lick the pot of Leahey sauce and turn up a bottle of sriracha, but ... tonight, I put these things onto and into my food.

I made my Eggless Tofu Olive Salad (it'll be in my cookbook, which comes out in January!) with a twist. I usually include a half-cup of vegan mayo, like Vegenaise or Earth Balance Mindful Mayo. But this time, I got all crazy and subbed a fourth-cup of Miso Mayo for some of the Vegenaise. Miso Mayo is pure magic. If you've not tried it, seek it out. It's made from non-GMO canola oil, miso, cider vinegar, tamari, and onion. So tasty. And onion-y.

Sandwiches in my house are usually served with chips, but I've been eating out a lot. So I'm trying to take it down a notch and eat some healthy crap. I steamed some kale and topped it with Leahey Gardens Vegan Cheese Sauce and Sriracha:

Best kale topper ever! For some reason, I've never thought to cover my kale in hot vegan cheese. But now I have seen the light.

This meal was so tasty, my kitty Polaris wanted in on it:

While I was photographing my food, he totally swiped the bread from sandwich. After the shutter clicked, he grabbed the bread off the sandwich and tried to eat it. But I stole that bread right back. Yes, I eat after my cats.

What condiments could you never live without?


James said...

I embarrass my friends because I travel around with a bottle of sriracha all the time and pull it out at restaurants. Perfect blend of sweet, spicy and garlicky - sriracha makes everything better.

Oh, and olive oil, balsamic and some fresh rosemary as a dip for crunchy bread is pretty really awesome.

Rick said...

eggless tofu olive salad? omg lady, i am making this in the first week i have your cookbook!

foodfeud said...

Ha! I tried to rip the piece off the bread that my cat had licked and thought twice about just giving it all to her to make sure but...I ate it too. It's not like I don't feed her!
The kale with cheese sound and sriracha sounds too good! Wow. I've got to try that. My favorite condiments are probably nooch and mustard. Also quite delicious when paired.

Tender Branson said...

Cats and their thievery. You have to eat after them or you may just be going hungry. Recently I haven't been able to live without spicy barbeque sauce though I also love Tabasco.

Erin said...

Kale topped with cheese and hot sauce sounds fantastic! Also, I just realized that I think I have the exact same sunglasses you're wearing in your pic up top.

Jesse @ Happy Go Lucky Vegan said...

I have never tried an eggless tofu sandwich, nor miso mayo - but I think I've been missing out! I look forward to the cookbook coming out!

Lia said...

Yah, the egg salad thing going on there looks like too much fun to not try out when your book comes out! I've yet to really explore Sriracha, so I have only heard of the people addicted to it, but never been myself.

I mostly love nooch as a topper for so much, as well as avocados - they seem to make everything better and squishier.

Jenny said...

Definitely mustard. I love making dressing-less wraps and dipping each bite in mustard. I love miso mayo. I don't think they sell it anywhere around here. But I picked up a bottle last time I was in MO, and I quite enjoyed it. I've never heard of that cheese sauce!

Stephanie said...

oh my! when i discovered kale and cheeze sauce i was in love. The creamy texture of the sauce is a perfect match with the kale. It's now my favorite way of eating kale.