Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Eating Raw Means Eating All the Time

Yesterday marked the third installment of Raw Food Monday, my monthly detox day held on the first Monday of each month. On Raw Food Monday, I eat raw veggies, fruits, plant oils, and nuts. And because I get hungry more often on the raw diet, I eat all day.

For breakfast, I had Happy Porridge with Pecan Milk from "Alive in 5: Gourmet Raw Meals in Five Minutes" by Angela Elliot.

I soaked pecans overnight and then blended them with a few cups of water, some agave nectar, and vanilla. Then I strained out the pulp with a cheesecloth. I used the pulp as the base of the porridge. It also had coconut, raisins, and agave. Tasty, and very filling.

For lunch, I had Junk Food Salad, also from "Alive in 5."

The author promised this salad dressing (a mixture of onion powder, hempseed oil, and cayenne pepper) would taste just like BBQ chips, hence the name of the salad. Obviously, the author hadn't eaten BBQ chips in a while. Though it did have a yummy, savory taste, I wouldn't say the salad tasted like BBQ. I sprinkled hemp seeds on top for added nutrition, and I ended up throwing a few cucumber slices in for substance.

I followed the salad with cubed mango.

I chose mango as part of Chocolate Covered Vegan's challenge to try something new every week. I'd had mango before, but it's been years. And I didn't like it last time. It was quite tasty this time around! And I was surprised by how much the inside of a mango resembles a vagina.

Lunch didn't stay with me for long. My tummy was growling again by 3 p.m. I snacked on carrot sticks, raw Brazil nuts, and a lemon Larabar before going to my 6 p.m. gym class.

For dinner, I made California Rolls from "Raw Food Made Easy" by Jennifer Cornbleet.

Inside the nori wrap is clover sprouts, carrot, red pepper, cucumber, avocado, and miso. Unfortunately, none of my knives were sharp enough to cut the sushi without destroying it. So I ate it like a hand roll.

On the side was Miso Soup, also from "Raw Food Made Easy." Though you do have to bring water to a boil to make miso, it's in a raw cookbook so I figure it counts as a raw dish.

Though I felt great at the end of the night, I was so glad to have a hot breakfast this morning!


J said...

On days when I eat mostly raw foods I am constantly shoving fruit and veg into my trap! Hehe.

Those California rolls look awesome.

Anonymous said...

Happy porridge!

Andréa said...

It all looks delicious. I'll try to make the nori wrap. LOVE vegan sushi. Thanks for your visit yesterday! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I laughed out loud when I read the bit about the inside of the mango looking like a vagina! Oh, it hurts.

The sushi roll looks interesting! Is it really sushi if there is no rice? Who cares - it looks yummy anyway!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Pecan MILK?! Sounds fabulous; I'm going to have to look up a recipe for some :o).

LOLOLOL rolling on the floor laughing about your mango description! But I'm glad you liked it. I had another kiwi today, so I still consider my first week's challenge to have been a success.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I had the willpower to eat mostly raw! Everything looks SO good! Hooray!

Lindsay (Happy Herbivore) said...

Thank you! you make me feel sane. Every time I do raw days I eat everything in sight. Glad to know I'm not the only one! oi vey!

that sushi looks mighty fine... and CA rolls are my fave! Mmm!!

p.s. I'm so glad I'll have someone to gab (aka complain) about with the whole publishing process... I'm sure it'll be a nightmare... but as you noted, someone will love us... i mean... our food is better than Rachel Rays and she has...like.. 15 cookbooks of crap

Unknown said...

I'm tagging your cute self and your vegan raw food post.

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Jess said...

Oh, my god. That breakfast sounds amazing! ::drool::

I had this "resolution" of sorts at the beginning of the year to incorporate one totally raw meal each & every day... It sounds easy enough, but like most resolutions, it's kind of fallen to the wayside as life gets in the way. (But no excuses!) This post inspires me to get my ass in gear & start that up again! Maybe... Eating totally raw just 1 day a week like you seem to be doing would be more practical? It sounds like a great place to start!

Jess said...

And I also "LOL"d at the mango=vagina comment... Too funny!!


I feel like I'm constantly eating and I'm only vegan.
I can only imagine what your go through.
Wish I had your will power.

MeloMeals said...

I am planning a 30 day raw challenge this summer and am kind of freaking out!

Vegan Invasion! (Ashley Nicole) said...

MMMM!Your california roll and miso soup look absolutely delicious!

Anonymous said...

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